summer party!

The VendAsta summer party was held in our CEO’s place yesterday (Friday, July 15th 2011). It was warm and majority of my colleagues were soaking under the sun. At first, I also did some sunbathing but after few minutes, I could no longer stand it. Tiffany, one of my colleagues, was smiling when she saw me covering my arms with my jacket.

I’m one of those typical Asians who don’t like to get so dark. I’m already contented with my natural “morena” (a.k.a. “tan”) skin. I understand most “white” people want to be “brown” and most “brown” people want to be “white”. It’s one of life’s enigma.

Some were not present because of their scheduled holiday. It would have been more fun if the attendance were complete. Anyway, I was planning to have a photo with all of my colleagues but I just managed to do it with a few of them. Either I was too shy to approach the bigwigs or I was just too occupied hiding from the sun and at the same time, making sure I don’t miss the fun stuff.

Most of my colleagues brought with them their partners and children. Since I did not bring anyone with me, I just hopped from one area to the other. I even played with Jack (see related article about Jack) and Elaine, the two cute kids.

Elaine & Jack (my playmates)

The highlight of the party was the pool race. All participants were excellent swimmers! Ches was the champion last year but it was capsized by Dale this year. I was planning to join the trampoline competition but the event did not pushed through.


Few drinks made me tipsy and sleepy. I drank one lemon beer (yes, lemon beer!), and two glasses of mixed drinks concocted by Blair. He experimented it so I named it, Blair Shoe Box drinks. Ha!

The Blair Shoe Box drinks turned my lips into orange in which I only learned about it when Nathan pointed it out to me. The drinks tasted like an iced tea and I was still “sober” when I was at the party but when I got home, I felt the effect of the drinks. Boy, I was really dizzy but I did not puke. And no hangover! I love it! 😀

In total, the party was a success!  I’m looking forward to more fun moments and hopefully, by Christmas, I will be able to bring someone with me. Hmmm…

P.S. I can’t believe I finished this entry in less than 20 minutes. I’ve been writing half-hearted articles for the past few days (sorry!). I’m glad the momentum is back!

Elaine & TheCuriousMe

Jeff R, Nathan P, Mike L, TheCuriousMe

Tiffany & TheCuriousMe

pool race

from left: Ches, Dale & Dan

from left: Shaun, Brendan, Nathan R, Mike B


TheCuriousMe, Janak Andreas

pole dancing

Out of the blue, two friends (Pam and Ajo) from my previous work invited me for an impromptu get-together. They wanted to buy drinks as their birthday treat for me. It was a big surprise because I didn’t realize that they’re also in Singapore.

I was deeply touched and agreed to meet them after work. At first, we had no idea where to go, so we just kept on walking while looking for a cool place to chill. We saw a couple of interesting bars and bumped into a number of gorgeous “ang mohs” (a.k.a. Caucasians). The guys were feast for the eyes!

After almost an hour of wandering, we finally settled at a place where there’s a pole dancing. The show was decent in a way because the girls were clad in a short shorts and a blouse. So, it’s not the usual “for the boys only” thingy and there were other several ladies watching as well.

While watching them, I can’t help but compare them with Rochelle Pangilinan and Aira Bermudez, members of the Sexbomb Girls (a famous dance group in the Philippines). Rochelle and Aira were definitely far better than those doing the pole dance. Just saying! :p

The place was excellent for “chillaxin” (coined word for chill and relaxing). It was not too crowded and the people were not rowdy. We enjoyed a couple of drinks while concocting stories about the crowd’s reaction and the way the “show girls” dance. Most of all, we had a great time reminiscing the past and catching up with the latest news about work and personal life.

It was one of the memorable night outs that I’ve ever had. Considering that I don’t go out often. Thanks Pam and Ajo! I had a blast! 😀

I wonder if I can do a pole dance in this lifetime? Hmmm… In my dreams perhaps? 😉 We’ll never know. Sometimes, dreams do come true. Aja! :p

ang moh

It was rush hour at the train platform and everyone were anxious to get a seat. I was in the group who boarded the train first so I managed to have a seat without “fighting” with anyone. :p I was working on a blog entry while I was on board the train when something caught my attention.

A not so old lady, skillfully blocked the Caucasian guy (a.k.a. ang moh – see singlish article) and took the seat where the ang moh was eyeing to take. With my mind diverted, I was discreetly observing the two. The ang moh seem to be pissed off and muttered “ladies!” while shaking his head. The lady just ignored him and he went on to seat at the empty chair next to me and began reading a novel.

ang moh novel…

When the lady alighted at the next station, the ang moh looked at her, shook his head and whispered “see”. He must have rolled his eyes but I did not dare look at him. I was thinking on what’s so special about the seat that made him look so grumpy early in the morning. It must be his favorite spot while reading a novel. Hmmm…

He looked irritated as well while he kept glancing at the guy who was conversing loudly with someone. Looks like his “love cup” must be nearly empty waiting to be filled. The only thing that I can do for him was to keep on smiling hoping to radiate and sprinkle (like a magic wand) positive aura on him.

Hopefully, he had a good day after the train ride. Aja! :p