temple visit

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My flight to Thailand few years back was a bit “dramatic” because the “red versus yellow shirt” riot was unfolding. Jaa, my Thai friend called me and suggested that I should rebook my trip and just go there during the Chinese New Year. I followed her advise.

Jaa was kind enough to help me find a place to stay and treat me to a trip to the floating market and elephant village.  Since it was Chinese New Year, my eagerness to swing by to temples increased! Ha!

with Jaa

The boat ride onward the Temple of Dawn was invigorating. I also got to see small temples on the way.  I did manage to look around and meditate a bit in the Temple of Dawn. The structures were overwhelming! I had a hard time taking photos because I was scared of heights ! Arghhhh!

boat ride

temple of dawn

The next stop was the Wat Pho temple (a.k.a. Temple of the Reclining Buddha)… This time, I rode a tuktuk to get there.  It’s nerve-wracking to see the Reclining Buddha, it’s too huge! I felt like it will wake up any moment and will turn the place upside down. Ignore me. I have a very weird imagination (sometimes!). :p

reclining buddha

wat pho

Checking out the temples served as an eye-opener for me. The devotees’ and temple caretakers’ passion and discipline can be felt within the temple. I find the atmosphere strange at the same time, commendable.

Until the next adventure! Aja!


lion dance

According to my Chinese friends, Lion dance is a Chinese New Year (CNY) tradition to attract prosperity. I had a chance to have a first hand experience to watch the lion dance routine in Mandarin Gallery, a high end mall in Singapore.

I was grinning like crazy when the “lion” gave me two mandarin oranges. From my own perspective, lion dance is somewhat similar to some practices of the Roman Catholic (RC). The only difference is that the lion dance is only done during CNY and for RC, the “dance” can be done anytime.

Lion Dance, Singapore

RC use the “holy water” to “bless” the newly built house, newly opened shop, new born baby, tomb of the people who passed away, etc. While the lion dance works in a similar manner and it is done during CNY.

What ya think?