Shara, Juvy, Fritchie and I have talked about travelling together so many times but it has never materialized. One lazy weekend... we were chatting about needing a short break to recharge and before you know it we agreed to meet up in Boston in two weeks time! Woot! It happened so fast that we were... Continue Reading →


I feel down today but not devastated. My US Visa application got denied. Although I got so distracted because the interviewer’s eyes kept twitching while asking questions, I knew in my heart that I answered the questions satisfactorily. Nevertheless, my confidence crashed when he told me his decision and the logic behind it. The main... Continue Reading →

note to self

smile often even if you can't find any reason to smile find your tongue, you've been tight-lipped for quite sometime  wear your eyeglasses when you're using the computer. it hurts badly when you don't. work out regularly since you can't stop yourself from eating refrain from daydreaming especially when you're driving teach your right foot... Continue Reading →

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