It was a busy day when a cute little 3-year old boy named Jack, dropped by in our workplace together with his Dad. Jack’s Dad is one of the executives in the company. While his Dad was having an informal chat with a visitor, Jack made sure that his presence is felt by joining the conversation every now and then.


I can’t help but hear his endless chatter because my area was like three steps away from his Dad’s. When they were preparing to go, Jack saw me.

The conversation went this way:
Jack: Dad, can I say hi to her?
Dad:  Of course Jack.
(With a wide smile on Jack’s face, he walked gleefully towards my direction.)

Jack: Hi!
(I stood up and went to introduce myself and shook his hand)

Me: Hi Jack! I’m TheCuriousMe. How are you today?
(Jack looked absolutely delighted to be treated like a grown up.)

Jack: Where is your little boy? (with a wide grin on his face)
(Whoa! That caught me off guard!)

Me: I don’t have a little boy Jack,  can I take you home instead?
(Jack shook his head and gave me a big smirk.:D)

Dad: That’s a personal question Jack. Sorry, my little boy is a bit shy.
Jack: I’m not shy!

And the day ended with resounding laughters. Bow. 😉

beyblade tournament

Finally, it’s the day of the tournament. My nephew (James) woke up so early and I can hear him running around the house while chattering endlessly. He kept reminding us that the tournament is at noon and we should not be late. James’ parents were a bit anxious because he is a pampered kid and he is not yet comfortable in graciously accepting defeat.

The moment has come… together with his Grandma, Dad, and his Mom, we all went to give him moral support. James’ parents kept emphasizing that he can’t always win and losing is part of the game. As we gather in his school’s gymnasium, the venue of the tournament, the participants’ were all bubbly and the energy level is extremely high. I felt like I’m watching a game in the Olympics.

beyblade tournament

 The game started. James needs to win three rounds in order to qualify for the finals. From the looks of it, we’re more nervous than him. After a few minutes, the first round is over. We all heaved a sigh of relief when he won the first round. Another competitor was selected and he’s ready for the second round. We were all crossing our fingers for him.

During second round, James’ beyblade kept on bouncing out from the stadium (that also  happened when we were having beyblade battle and he said it’s not counted). After the second round ended, my nephew went to our area silently crying. He lost. Reason? His beyblade kept bouncing out from the stadium. (Whoa! I should have won in our beyblade battle then. :p )

Sigh. My heart bleeds for my nephew. It’s my first time to see him cry. Geez. His Mom was hugging him and whispering to him that he did well on the first round and what matters most is joining the tournament. My nephew was nursing a broken heart when we left him at the tournament venue. Later, when we went to fetch him after his class, he loudly blurted out “I’m over myself now” while giggling! O_O  Whew! He recovered fast than most of us could! :p

Life bites sometimes to keep us grounded. Aja!