big fat ass

Intriguing eh? :p
I’ve been searching for a dance class early last year but I can’t seem to find one that’s near downtown. Before Christmas 2011, I found via Google a very, very interesting dance class called “The Big Fat Ass Dance Class”.

Usually, I’m very picky and I think a zillion times before buying or doing something. However, in this case, the title alone was enough to convince me to sign up for the class. Ha! I love it because it’s very catchy and out of this world. FYI, the class is not exclusive for women who have big fat ass. It’s open for all ladies.

Anyway, out of the ten (10) sessions, roughly, I attended six (6). The winter season took a toll on me so I was not able to complete the 10 classes. Sigh. Nonetheless, I’m grateful because I was able to loosen up a bit and meet such a vivacious group.

Moreover, what can I say about the Big Fat Ass Dance Class?

  • I can be myself
  • I can go silly without being judged
  • A very good way to de-stress
  • It’s a form of exercise while having fun
  • It allows me to become a leader and a follower
  • Most of all, no crazy rules 😀

Aileen Hayden is an excellent trainer and a good motivator. She reminds me of my Dutch “sister”, Judith Kroon. They have similar infectious sunny disposition which radiates positive energy waves to the people around them.   By the way, Aileen also teaches Yoga. Not sure if she’s still conducting classes because she just moved to another location. Her email address is info@

On a lighter note, congratulations on your engagement Aileen!  Best wishes! 🙂
Now, what should I do next? Zumba maybe?


I was still ill  (see related article ->sick & slow)  but it did not deter me to go to Folkfest with Roan yesterday. The Folkfest venue was just within the area but it took us 1.5 hours to reach the place due to heavy traffic. A lot of people decided to walk… either they left their car somewhere or they took a taxi and just got off few blocks away from the venue.

It’s really ironic because I don’t like going to such festivities when I was in the Philippines because I hate getting “mobbed” in a crowded place. Now, I’m doing it here in North America just to learn more about the other culture at the same time reminisce the Philippine tradition. And most of all, practice my limited skills in photography. Ha!

Below are the pavilions that we have visited:

Philippines Pavilion
I felt nostalgic while watching the Filipino traditional dances being performed. I used to dance this when I was in College.

caught the guy swaying!

“sayaw sa bangko”


“Igorot dance”

Karpaty Ukranian Pavilion
I’m not sure on how they call their dance but they sure did bounce a lot! Whew! It certainly is a good workout routine.

Caribbean Pavilion
Their songs sound like reggae to me. It was cool and entertaining. Very modern, I must say. 🙂

steel band

fire eater

Brazilian Pavilion
Sexy eh? 😀

Chinese Pavilion
We missed the show because it was already 11 p.m. when we arrived in the pavilion. It turned out the performance was only until 10:30 p.m.. Argh! In any case, I just took random snapshots inside their pavilion.  Here you go:

I love using the Canon DSLR camera! It’s not mine though. I just borrowed it from RJ (my nephew).  I’m slowly starting to convince myself in getting one. This will take a long time. 🙂
I definitely had fun at the folkfest! Hopefully next year, I will be able to visit all the pavilion with my new car and new camera. It’s free to dream! 😉 Until then! See yah!

What do you think of my snapshots? Is it good for a budding photographer? 😉


The laid back setting reminds me of the Christmas Party that I used to host for five or six years when I was a youth councilor in our community. The only difference was the crowd.

In our place, majority of the group consisted of teenagers. While in Danceland, most of the guests were grannies. I’m old but not that old… I felt out of placed! Nonetheless, I did enjoy listening to the country music and Elvis Presley’s songs.

dance dance dance!

Our companions started dancing as soon as we arrived. Mel and I was contented watching them. After a few moments, an old guy (maybe he’s in his late 80′s) approached our table and asked for Mel to dance with him. It’s a sweet music and Mel politely declined.

In order to appease the old guy, Au, Mel’s friend, volunteered to dance with him on behalf of Mel. I was getting nervous because I can’t seem to see myself dancing sweet music with strangers who were old enough to be my grandfather.

I twisted and shifted the friendship ring that Yayi gave me to make it look like I’m married.

my accomplice 😉

Whenever somebody approached our table, to be on the safe side, I always looked at the window (opposite the dance hall) and strategically display my “wedding ring”. Prevention is better than cure, eh? Whatever! My scheme did work.  And of course,  I was able to dance upbeat songs with my newfound friends.

When we were about to return to hotel, something strange happened. We got lost! We reached three dead ends and we returned to Danceland twice before we eventually found the right way. Whew!

That’s a spooky way to end the night. Wohoooo!

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