winter driving

Driving in the land of the living skies wherein snow is practically all over the place during winter is a total nightmare. The road turns into a big skating rink when the snow becomes icy… too slippery!
(Click here to have a bird’s eye view on what land of the living skies mean -> “warm”-weather).  😉

Below are my share of winter-related incidents within a year of driving:
*** underground parking
I was zooming out from a sketchy underground parking and dove straight to a parked car right across the garage door. (I felt like I was in a movie scene wherein the cars were flying everywhere -_-).

underground parking ramp

parked car – alley – garage door

Result: Insurance paid for the damage on my car and the other party’s front bumper and I got deduction on my driver’s safety rating. 😦  Of course, I still had to pay the deductible and a fine (yes… a penalty for using the insurance in less than two months of having it… O_O).

*** open parking
I bumped into a post while backing up in a crowded parking lot.

parking lot post

the bumper

Result: Damaged rear bumper. Aside from having no budget to get it fixed…it’s a reminder for me to drive safely and avoid post at all cost! :p  I don’t mind driving a cheap car with a damaged rear bumper (fancy car is way out of my league).

Hey! It survived winter, so no matter how crappy my car is…  it’s still sturdy.;)  Most importantly, I can drive my family around when they come for a visit. 😀 Also, it saves me from freezing to death during winter while waiting for a bus with half an hour to an hour interval!

*** intersection
I nearly crashed into three vehicles when I did a left turn in a three-lane intersection.

imagine a 3-lane intersection :p

intersection turns into like this (ice skating rink)!

I’m not sure how I managed to survive winter driving but prayers help a great deal.:) My mantra… pray before driving!

Justin, I don’t have bullet holes (click here to read related entry -> bullet holes)  decal on my car. The damaged bumper serves as my “extravagant” decoration. 🙂

“bullet holes”

One windy weekend before Christmas (2012), my three cousins (Vilmor, Raymund, and Freddie), teenage niece (Reichelle) and I (thecuriousme) went to Washington DC for a day trip. The search for a parking spot slowed to a snail’s pace because we were deeply overwhelmed by the grandeur of the White House. All of a sudden, a cop on a bicycle appeared out of nowhere, motioning us to pull over… we haven’t even noticed he was on our trail!

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

The police officer grilled Vilmor and Raymund regarding our visit to Washington DC. He cited that driving slowly around the White House in a van covered in bullet hole decals raises suspicion. The atmosphere inside the van did not help either; three guys wearing toques and leather jackets (which pretty much projected a “gangsta” image) were the only ones visible from where the cop was standing. Reichelle and I were partly hidden.

“bullet holes”

“the van”

Nonetheless, Vilmor explained that we were in Washington DC for a day trip and they were showing me around because it’s my first trip to the US. The cop relaxed a bit when he saw me and my niece, transitioning from a stern police officer into a friendly tourist guide. He suggested other tourist spots in the area and directed us to a few parking spots. Also before we took off,  the cop politely requested Vilmor to remove the bullet hole decals from his van.

bullet hole decals

We were shaken but that did not dampen our spirit to have a great time in Washington DC and get a glimpse of the White House from the outside.

Reichelle & TheCuriousMe


“I declare chocolate as the international dessert!”

“One currency for all nations!”

I must say, whoever designed the bullet hole decal, you’re the man!:D