take 4!

After my third failed attempt (yes! three times!) to get my driver’s license, I was beginning to think that driving was not for me… it was wearing my “Never say never” attitude thin. I was planning not to take another test IF I will fail the fourth one.

The fact that I can’t practice alone made it frustrating. It’s either I book driving lessons ($65 to $70 per hour!) or drag someone with a Class 5 (professional driver of some sort :p) license to accompany me. Well, I did both but more with a driving instructor. You betcha! Driving made my pocket bleed!

Anyway, when I finally gotten the nerve to take the road test again for the fourth time, I made sure that I was emotionally and mentally ready. Nonetheless, the anxiety still caught up to me; I had an upset tummy for the whole straight week before the test.

upset tummy

In my fourth test, I felt that I had a clearer concept of the rules of the road and road signs; it certainly helped me handle road scenarios during the test. After nervously waiting for the result, the examiner drew a smiley on my form and told me that I got a perfect score! Whoa! I was so elated! My driving instructor who accompanied me during the test ended up driving me home because I could not stop shaking. :p

road signs

rules of the road


Big thanks to Warren, Kuya Derek, and Sharon for their time and guidance.

Most of all, my heartfelt thanks to the following folks who patiently accompanied and helped me improve my driving skills:

with Neil Dahl

with Jason Collins

Emil & Grace (for her moral support)

I truly appreciate your help. Thank you so much! 😀

Sooo… how the hell did I end up taking four (4!) road tests? I’ll tell you on my next post. Ta ta for now! 🙂

seat belt!

I knocked off from work few minutes early for the required actual driving lesson. It’s a must to take the 6-hour in-class and 6-hour actual driving. I already finished the in-class and I was on my third hour for the actual driving lesson.

My driving instructor (DI) picked me up in the office and then he drove to  a quiet area. My nervousness during the first two hours shifted to eagerness.  Soon, when I was behind the wheel, I did the following necessary routine:

  • adjust the seat
  • adjust the three mirrors
  • took a deep breathe

With the DI on the passenger seat, I zoom away like a bird with the speed of a turtle.  The DI kept bugging me to speed up especially on the main road and the busy area. And when I speed up in the residential area, he asked me to slow down. Such an oxymoron!

For half an hour, I was driving like an excited little teeny weeny pumpkin. Then when I was about to do a left turn, I realized something. I slowed down and stopped on the side. The DI looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face. And the conversation went this way:

DI: Why did you stop? I did not tell you to stop.
Me: I forgot to put on my seatbelt.
DI: You were driving for 30 minutes without a seatbelt?
Me: Yes. (With an embarrased smile.)
DI: Good thing we did not run into an accident. I should have checked.
Me: Sorry.

At that time, I was more scared being caught red handed by the police. After letting out a nervous laugh, I put on my seatbelt and continued driving.

On my 5th hour, I forgot to put on my seat belt again. This time it was the DI who noticed it after I drove for 5-10 minutes. Darn! I need a car similar to my cousin; an alarm will set off if the driver or passengers don’t have their seat belts on. How I wish… Sigh… Maybe in the near future? Aja!

My avid readers were asking why I did not post an article yesterday. Sorry, I fell asleep before I can upload this article last night.  I was too exhausted driving and remembering all the rules of the road and traffic signs.

courtesy of Clipartof.com