I know… I know…

I’ve been writing so much about Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson (a.k.a. AshRald or Sasa & Gege) when in fact this is a personal blog, not a showbiz blog. Nonetheless, although Sasa & Gege are celebrities, I still regard the AshRald bond as a personal journey given that I officially belong to the AshRald community.

Don’t get it wrong, AshRald is not a cult or something. It’s the connection of cool and classy individuals brought together through the Sarah and Gerald love waves.

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Before I continue blabbering about how awesome to be in the AshRald circle, I need to control myself.  I can already feel James Lee’s famous “dagger eyes” glaring at me (all the way from Singapore) and silently telling that I should get back on track. Shhh… James Lee is my buddy as well as my worst and best critic! 😉  (Click here to read related article -> Big Sister’s House)

Let’s get the ball rolling…

I admit I’m a “health” buff and I do love to work out… However, doing it continuously is an enormous challenge. My body is not flexible and since time immemorial, I have difficulty reaching my toes without bending my knees. It’s bizarre! To think that I’m so tiny like Tinkerbell. Tsk tsk tsk. The funny thing is, eating non-stop is totally a piece of cake for me and effortless for me. :p

Surprise… surprise!  I bought a Mari Winsor Pilates dvd with a pair of  mini “dumbbells” sometime last week. Doing Pilates for beginners really felt great but it took a toll on me and I stopped for few months and then, started again, then stopped for few weeks … and the cycle continues on and on and on…

mini “dumbbells”

Now, I’ve been dragging myself in doing the simple routines and incorporating some of the things that DJ Mitch (@TheSoulfulVixen) taught me. And to spice it up, I’ve also added the dougie dance moves. Boy! The last one definitely pumped me up! Whoa!

the dougie dance

Anyway, slowly but surely. I’m getting there. Who wants join?  

Where’s Charles?

… and automatically, Charles will say “right here!”…  😀
(with one hand pointing at himself and the other hand waving excitedly)

Charles, the little prince, is Bob and Fritchie’s 2 ½ year old son (see related article -> Ontario). He’s completely adorable and a leader in the making! How?  Well, he always made sure that everyone should strictly follow his “planned” seating arrangement in the dining area.

no… this is not the dining area. :-p

When I use his favorite chair… he just stares at me with, “that’s my seat” look evident on his face.

no… this is not the chair. :p

He loves saying the following “words of wisdom” in his own very bubbly tone:

  • “Oh no!”
  • “You ok Daddy?”
  • “Hi Guys!”
  • “Right here!”
  • “What you doing Mommy?”
  • “Mommy, don’t make a mess!”
  • “Where’s Tita?”
  • “Tita went home at the airport”
  • “Don’t cross my river”

Charles & Daddy Bob

Charles & Mommy Fritchie

His favorite shows are:

Thomas & Friends

Charles loves to watch Diego whenever we travel. He has his own DVD player with the Diego DVD repeatedly viewed with so much enthusiasm! Mind you, that “Go Diego Go!” song kept playing in my head for the longest time even after I left Toronto. 🙂

Before, I didn’t even know that Diego exists. Also, I learned that Diego is Dora’s cousin. Whoa! I’m not sure if that’s suppose to be a secret. 😉

Charles & TheCuriousMe

DVD location.

Meeting and bonding with Charles was one of the highlights of my trip. It made me feel (and look?) young again. Ha! See you (soon?) Charles!