Hear ye! Hear ye!

It was brought to TheCuriousMe‘s attention that the “exordium” and “soul sisters” articles are well received (with a big bang!) in the other side of the world. Whoa! That’s totally mind-blowing!

On behalf of the Royalville Family, merci beaucoup!  😉

Moreover, I heard that someone  is inquiring about the etymology of the titles (and perhaps Royalville as well?). You will find out at the end of the article who that someone is. 😀

To be honest, this is not supposed to be divulged to maintain the mystery of Royalville and at the same time, minimize the birth of the growing numbers of copycats.

However, upon a prolix tête-è-tête with Majesty, the cryptic nitty-gritty of the most lionized words in the universe will now be disclosed.

Ready? Here you go:

Grandiouse (Royal)  Castle (Ville)

A Queen is addressed as Majesty.

Petite Majesty (literally!)

“Little” Fairy
(Trivia: Majesty’s moniker is Fairy. She was named Fairy because previously, she loves to wear “fairy” like outfits)

“Pocket sized” Beauty
(I’m sure you will agree that Majesty is the “Behemothic” Beauty)

“Beautylet” was deliberated for a long long long time.  Several other titles were cited  (in which I’m not going to reveal! ever!) but the X- factor is not present.  Thus, it was agreed upon that the jettisoned titles should be buried 6-feet under the ground. Digging is strictly prohibited!

Furthermore, you might notice that the names are all akin to Majesty. The reason? Well, she’s the Queen and the  three “LETS” are her daughters and sisters rolled into one. I’m not sure if there is such thing in the commoners’ world, but it does exist in Royalville.

However, “LETs” doesn’t necessarily connotes that they are “chuwariwaps”and stooges. Plus “bow” to every whims of the Queen. No Way, Jose!

In the Royalville Family, everyone has the right to voice out what they feel. If it is deemed necessary to revoke a decision made by Majesty, it will be done after careful analysis and due diligence.

One last note, efxaristo to Ms Melody Pacis for your constructive inquiry! We greatly appreciate it.

To the loyal Royalville fanatics, learn more about Majesty, Majestylet, Fairylet and Beautylet in the next articles.  Until then! Au Revoir! S ‘agapó̱!   😉

Majesty & Majestylet




There is an extraordinary species recently discovered by pool of experts & was established rare from having a very small number of constituents in the universe. And this species lives in a place called Royalville! ” – Majesty
Royalville has no beginning and no end. One can never fathom the intricacies of this monarchy unless that creature is gifted with explicit acumen to decipher byzantine mortals.

Gossipmongers have endless fascination with the Royalville ilks. Thirst for updates and clamor to be part of the monarchy is absolutely tremendous and overwhelming. Too bad, one should pass through a needle inorder to be accepted.

What makes the bond sturdy? The “royals” are blithe species and take things in stride. Privacy is given much importance and they respect each others views, “rituals”, quirks and tantrums.

They love to pester and become each other’s devil’s advocate. Thus, it’s inevitable that some statements will throw them off and make them feel bad. Yes, they also get piqued from time to time.

However, donnybrooks are elucidated after the heavy storm. There might be enmity but it doesn’t last long. It’s easily forgotten and can become one of the funny topics during a light repartee.

So, what makes the enigmatic Royalville kins Majesty, Majestylet and Fairylet tick? Find out in a bit. 😉

Majestylet, Fairylet & Majesty