I admit, no matter how fabulous the advantages of using an iphone presents, I still dilly- dally. At that time, my drive to start my blog site was very low. The motivation that I’ve been looking seem to sunk down in oblivion. However, my momentum resurrected and went on a steady beat when I break free from the claws of a dangerous creature.

So, it took me two years to weigh the pros and cons before I finally decided to buy an iPhone.  The convenience of using the iPhone to “pen” down my thoughts and immediately upload it to my blog site writing while in the train, bus or wherever I am was the deciding factor.

Thank you Steve Jobs for being the greatest innovator of all times (in my point of view that is…) :p Now, my iPhone became a part of my daily routine. It’s the last thing that I check before I go to sleep and the first thing that I look for when I wake up.

The practicality and usefulness of the iphone allowed me to utilize my time wisely.  Aside from writing articles, I was also able to do the following:

  • read and reply comments in thecuriousme.com and Facebook
  • listen to wave radio
  • watch youtube videos
  • check email
  • pay bills via internet banking
  • chat via yahoo messenger
  • surf the internet
  • check out directions via Google map

I decided to sell it (see transfer of ownership) due to unavoidable circumstances. It’s pretty agonizing because I’m letting go the most amazingl gadget that I’ve ever had so far. Of course, the laptop is also useful but iphone comes in handy at all times.

At any rate, life must go on. Who knows, I will get another one in the near future. Maybe by that time, Steve Jobs has already developed a phone that can enable people to teleport. Ha! :p

transfer of ownership

It was a typical Sunday afternoon…
Crowded mall…
Jampacked walkway…
Long queue everywhere…

With people walking to and fro including children happily running and jumping all over the place, it’s totally head spinning! Ha!

Lali and I had to endure the “lovely sounds” and mob because we need to process a transfer of ownership. Big word! 🙂 After buying milk tea with pearl, we headed straight to the mobile customer service center. The queue number was at 1039 and our number was at 1044.

Lali is taking over my iphone and a transfer of ownership was needed for a post paid service. It’s funny because it sounds like I was selling a land or house.  While waiting patiently for our turn, we entertained ourselves by watching the Forbes Richest People in the world. It felt like the “ka ching ka ching” sound of the cash register was playing loudly and dollar signs are popping everywhere.

It took us more than half an hour to queue and the processing took around 10 to 15 minutes. The transfer of ownership will take effect after 3 to 5 working days. There goes my iphone. It will soon be owned by my friend. I will surely miss our memorable moments together. It’s one of the most useful gadget I’ve ever had!

Life must go on… Aja!