Fast paced life with the speed of a lightning is the norm in this dog eat dog world. Everyone is expected to be on the ball and yield results within a snap of a finger. In my opinion, this can be referred to as generation instant.  Maybe the next generation will be called virtual generation where there’s no more real human interaction. That would be interesting and somewhat boring (maybe)… I wonder if I will still be around by then.

Going back to generation instant, it’s pretty obvious why I named it that way. Almost everyone prefers to do things the quicker way. Some of these are: instant noodles, instant meals, instant love, instant baby, instant marriage, instant divorce, instant diploma, instant job, instant money, instant wealth, instant skill, instant fame, etc.

In some situations most specifically the crucial ones, the only solution is to do things at a blink of an eye. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to do things fast so long as this focus on aiming the target in one shot for efficiency and effectiveness. As for the other scenarios, this may lead to instant death; not just the physical death but also the death of marriage, death of wealth, death of career, death of memory, and so on. -_-

The faster we do things, the higher the risk that the outcome will not be as finesse as we wanted it to be. To reduce the effect of instant things and minimize frowns in our forehead, we need to take things slowly. Chew the food slowly, enjoy the music, appreciate the scenery, and smell the flowers.

Balance of nature? :p