family reunion

The December 2010 family reunion of our clan (father side) was extra special because it’s the first time that we hang out with our cousin Kuya Jimson. He returned to the Philippines from Korea after 20 years. Ha!

Kuya Jimson

sunog baga? 😀

The reunion was “planned” out of the blue.

I just came back from Singapore when my brother kept asking me if there’s a family reunion. When I got tired of him bugging me,  I contacted Kuya Jimson and asked if he wants to organize the reunion and at the same time request the rest of the clan to chip in.

Alvin with the lechon (roasted pork)

Ranie, TheCuriousMe, Auntie Josie, & Freddie

Kuya Jimson readily agreed. The preparation was not smooth sailing because there were mishaps and misunderstandings which is very normal in every family.  The reunion took place in Auntie Remy’s house exactly during Christmas day.  The food and drinks were absolutely overflowing!

After eating, we were all bored and sleepy. Somebody mentioned about games… however, we don’t have prizes. Our cousins and other relatives eagerly reached out from their pockets and handed me some fat bills when I went around to “solicit” for prizes. Thank you so much for your generosity!

With Ronnalee and Jillian’s help, we decided to have longest line, Pepsi drinking contest, water  refilling contest, trip to Jerusalem, direction dance, and of course, our version of Eat Bulaga’s Pinoy Henyo (click here to check how Pinoy Henyo works). Thanks to Alvin for taking the pictures.  Below are the captured crazy moments:

longest line

pepsi drinking contest

“what to do???”

water refilling contest?

trip to jerusalem

direction dance

Pinoy Henyo

Pinoy Henyo

So far, it was one of the happiest reunion that we’ve ever had!  It was soooo spontaneous!!!!!!! #It’smorefuninthePhilippines indeed!

Royalville Gala

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Majestic Mom’s birthday is coming up! 😀 Thus, the Royalville family and friends will convene once more to honor the irreplaceable Queen of the Royalville. Careful though, the gossip girls (and boys?) and paparrazzis will surely be very busy (again)… Opzie! I think they’re at work all year round…

Her Majesty

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure, the Palace is almost ready for the much awaited Royalville Gala! It will definitely be more splendid than the previous year. Don’t worry Majestic Mom, Majestylet (a.k.a. TheCuriousMe) will attend via Skype. Ha! 😉 By the way, who’s your escort? Hmmmm….

Majestylet, Fairylet & Majesty

Below are the remarkable shots taken last year 😉 :

Majesty & Fairylet

Majesty & Myles

i tiptoed.

with Phee & Doc Jay

Majestylet: SanMigLight?

Beautylet: Tanduay Ice?

This is one of the reasons why #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines!    “See you” Majestic Mom, Fairylet, Beautylet and Royalville  friends! Let’s Partae!!! 😉  XOXO!

Majesty & Majestylet