I was lazing around in the living room after lunch with my six year old nephew, James, when he turned to me… check out below for our amusing conversation: James:  Tita, can I use your laptop? Me: Sure James. Can I watch the TV then? James: Not yet, you must do your dance exercise for... Continue Reading →

Indonesian Immigration

“Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” was being shown on GMA PinoyTV (a Filipino Television station) while I was busy fiddling my phone. I was barely looking on the screen and half listening when one of their segment caught my attention. It’s about a Filipina who was suspected as a drug mule and was held by the... Continue Reading →


James is my 6-year old adorable and quickwitted nephew who taught me how to play beyblade, Wii, and Xbox. He also wanted to teach me how to play Bakugan but I kept giving excuses. :p In any case, below are some of his cute funny moments: Credit Card James: Mom, can I borrow your credit... Continue Reading →

o.f.w. journey (part 1 of 2)

I was planning to work in Qatar but it looks like it’s not part of God’s itinerary for me. I felt that he was whispering to me, “My child, stay in Singapore for the moment”.  And so I did. And the story begins… I chance upon my fellow GI (genuine ilokano) and “dabarkads” (a.k.a. friend),... Continue Reading →


I admit, no matter how fabulous the advantages of using an iphone presents, I still dilly- dally. At that time, my drive to start my blog site was very low. The motivation that I’ve been looking seem to sunk down in oblivion. However, my momentum resurrected and went on a steady beat when I break... Continue Reading →

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