For the first time in my life, I lost my tongue. In short, I became taciturn… tight-lipped… tongue tied… clammed up… buttoned up… closemouthed…reticent… However you call it. Sigh. This is not me. And I’m getting frustrated.

I’m doing my best to analyze and find out the root cause of this predicament. Below are the things that I’ve come up so far:

  • Is it because i’m surrounded with guys who are drop dead gorgeous?
  • Or i’m still getting used to seeing REAL blue, green, and other eye color aside from brown and all kinds of real vibrant hair color?  (Note: I’ve gotten used to seeing colored contact lenses and dyed hair)
  • Or is it because I’m finally seeing the theories I’ve previously taught (during my teaching years) come to life?
  • Or is it the four season weather?
  • Or having the sunset at 10p.m.?
  • Or is it the roses, tulips and other kinds of flowers reaching its full bloom?
  • Or not knowing who Dr. Zeus is?
  • Or not knowing how to drive?
  • Or getting “nose bleed” talking in English with that trying hard North American twang? :p
  • Or I’m just overwhelmed?

What do you think?

Sigh…  I’m always known for being an “okrabesa” (a.k.a . pugnacious) and “antipatika” (a.k.a. irksome) in a funny way. Also, I have a penchant to pester people in a comic way as well as making fun of my major inadequacy. Can you give a guess? Waaaah! Yes, it’s my height! :p

Most of the time, my one-liner goofy retorts send people in cahoots of  laughter even if I’m not even making a joke. Hmmm… maybe I’m also born to be a comedian… not just to inspire creatures but to bring rainbow colors and hearty laughters into their uneventful life.

Now, I’m mute.

Share your thoughts and help me clear this cobweb of bewilderment! Argh! I need to find my tongue ASAP! Ha!


It was a busy day when a cute little 3-year old boy named Jack, dropped by in our workplace together with his Dad. Jack’s Dad is one of the executives in the company. While his Dad was having an informal chat with a visitor, Jack made sure that his presence is felt by joining the conversation every now and then.


I can’t help but hear his endless chatter because my area was like three steps away from his Dad’s. When they were preparing to go, Jack saw me.

The conversation went this way:
Jack: Dad, can I say hi to her?
Dad:  Of course Jack.
(With a wide smile on Jack’s face, he walked gleefully towards my direction.)

Jack: Hi!
(I stood up and went to introduce myself and shook his hand)

Me: Hi Jack! I’m TheCuriousMe. How are you today?
(Jack looked absolutely delighted to be treated like a grown up.)

Jack: Where is your little boy? (with a wide grin on his face)
(Whoa! That caught me off guard!)

Me: I don’t have a little boy Jack,  can I take you home instead?
(Jack shook his head and gave me a big smirk.:D)

Dad: That’s a personal question Jack. Sorry, my little boy is a bit shy.
Jack: I’m not shy!

And the day ended with resounding laughters. Bow. 😉


On my way home yesterday, I was reading one of the comments in when I suddenly break into a smile. I overheard someone muttered “so happy!”. Unknowingly, the person closest to my location was looking at me with curiousity written all over his face. I managed to give him a “Monalisa” smile. :p

Most of the time people equates happiness with burst of smile and laughter. Hmmmm… is it because genuine smile and laughter effectively radiates the happiness felt within? It’s pretty amazing how a smile can do wonders. It’s like a sunshine that brightens up and radiates positive energy within the giver, the recipient and the vicinity.

Smiling coupled with burst of laughters from time to time makes a person look young and feel healthy. It is one of the most effective way of saving money. There’s no need to undergo cosmetic procedure like botox, deep set, cheek bone enhancement, dimple placement or whatnot.  Whew! This reminds me of someone. 😉

It’s amusing because a lot of people often mistook me as a high school student because of my petite  frame and “baby face”. And whenever I tell them my real age, people will give me a “you’re lying” look. Ha! I’ve been asked a couple of times on my secret for looking young. Maybe I should be a model of a product for younger looking face. Anyway, there’s no secret really. I just smile and laugh a lot.  No need to spend a fortune to look young.

Also, I’m the type of person who don’t hold grudges (most of the time). HOWEVER, in a situation where someone gravely betrayed my trust, I don’t easily forgive and forget. :p Call me snub, but I make it a point to stay away from people with extremely negative aura. It’s not good for the health. Most of all, I prefer to count my blessings than to keep on whining and being envious with what other people have.

With a positive outlook in life, there’s no reason for you not to smile.  Be happy. Enjoy life to the fullest. As they say, there should be work and life balance. Treasure what you have. And most of all, it’s a big no no to compare yourself with others.

Keep on smiling! Aja!