“You see, when you and I, that time, I was afraid it will not work out. We are like a universe apart. You don’t deserve me. I am workaholic. I thought to marry someone I like and someone who is from here, so that I know the relationship will work out. I grew fond of that someone and learned to love that person later on. But despite the fact that we are on the same country, the same land under the same sky, it still did not work out.

My side is I did not want to waste your time or our time because we are a world apart. And I am sure you know that it’s not easy, and it’s true. I was afraid to take the risk of moving on with our situation because I have always been told that long distance relationship never works. Sometimes, I wonder how to solve or find answers to the mystery I find in my own life. With my profession, things like such should be easy to comprehend. But no.”

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wait or give up?

Something to ponder on from @thenotebookoflove… Here you go:

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.

If you like me, *TELL* me. If you miss me, *SHOW* it. If you love me, *PROVE* it.

Long distance relationships will only work if you both trust one another and love one another. It won’t be easy.

The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up, give up or wait.”

my thoughts… exactly!

A tale of love lost, returned and…
… The guy and the lady “met” through S.
… S is the guy’s cousin and the lady’s “little big sister”.

Living in different continents, the guy and the lady communicate via chat, emails and text messages . It eventually blossomed into something special and reached to a point wherein they were already discussing about wedding details, house structure, how many kids they would like to have, etc.

Sadly, the plans did not push thru and the “virtual” relationship was abruptly cut due to lack of communication. Later on, the lady learned from S that the guy got married and got divorced after five to six months of marriage.

The communication between the guy and the lady resurrected after few months. An opportunity paved the way for them to be in the same time zone in which gave the guy a chance to visit the lady and “propose”. Is it happily ever? 😉 Think again… Last minute, the guy chicken out due to petty (childish) reason. O_O

For eight years, the guy’s hot and cold treatment on the relationship made the lady slowly realize that the guy doesn’t really know what he wants in life. Now the guy is in his element again… showering the lady with songs this time. Yes, the greetings and songs played on air (magic and wave radio) are heartwarming and sweet. However, is this the only medium to express ones love to a lady? If you call it love that is… Maybe its just a “hard habit to break”?

Listening to the continuous exchange of songs on air is pretty exhausting and it causes extreme patience to run out. Why can’t the guy collect himself and earn enough guts to meet and directly talk to the lady in question? Hmmm… no balls?

Words and songs are sweet but these are not enough. It should be coupled with consistent actions. Complacency will kill whatever that is blooming. If you want it to grow, constant nurturing is the key.

Whether you agree or disagree, thecuriousme.com totally agree!

Lesson to be learned:
Grow up. Be a man.
Prove your words with actions.

You deserve someone a LOT better.
The guy is such a weakling.
Live your life.