at a glance

I bet you’re curious on who thecuriousme is? Get to know me at a glance… Read on!

I’m blessed with a very complicated name… to the point that I have to spell it all the time in order for people to understand it. What can I say, it’s a lifetime battle. 😉

I’m the kind of person who loves to smile and laugh. I enjoy hanging out with energetic and crazy people.  I’m addicted to Korean and Taiwanese Comedy TV Series.  Writing is one of my passions and it serves as an outlet for venting out my curtailed emotions.

My unending thirst for learning has driven me to take up and finish several courses. These are: BS Computer Science in Lorma Colleges (Philippines); MA in Technological Education at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (Philippines); through a scholarship grant given by Netherlands Fellowship Program, a Post Graduate Diploma in Managerial Control and Management Information System in Maastricht School of Management (The Netherlands); and a 10-week London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Level 1 Bookkeeping course in Uptrend Business School (Singapore).

Education, work experience and traveling helped me a great deal to become a well-rounded individual. Teaching at the age of 20 helped me become more flexible, open minded and extremely patient. While in HSBC, I learned to become an effective team player. Dealing with irate clients can be irksome but it’s absolutely fulfilling when they end up being happy and satisfied on how their concerns were handled. Whereas, working in Singapore and studying in Netherlands ignited my interest in learning other cultures and languages.

One last note, I’m a self-confessed nomad. So far, I have travelled few countries in Asia, Europe and North America. I still have four (4) more continents and several countries to go. The three (3) other things that I want to do in this lifetime are: to sing one song without a glitch, become a DJ for a day, and get drunk like there’s no tomorrow.

a gift from Big Sis & Manager


Rein was “strategically” bugging me to write an article about her when I suddenly remembered our “apartment days”.  We used to stay in a two-bedroom apartment together with Brendzkie, Rhog, DinDin, Jo, Mitch and Charvin.

For storytelling purposes, I’m going to call the two bedrooms as La Union and Ilocos. Rein, Brendzkie, Rhog, and I occupied the La Union room while DinDin, Jo, Mitch and Charvin stayed in the Ilocos room.

We had a fetish for street foods like isaw (grilled chicken intestine), adidas (grilled chicken feet), kwek kwek (quail egg boiled and deep fried), balot (hard boiled fertilized duck egg), fishballs, squidball and grilled corn. Darn! It tastes heavenly!


apartment magic sofa

Rein, Jo, Miriam, DinDin, Maven, Rhog, & Brendzkie

On the other hand, the two rich kids (Brendzkie and Rein) alternately treats us to a posh and divine steak meal whenever they feel like it. Perhaps they just want to neutralize our taste buds from eating the celestial street food.

We normally stay and “party” in the apartment most of the time. “Party” pertains to:

  • heart to heart talk while gulping a bottle of vodka and tequilla (occasionally)
  • tête-à-tête in our rooms, living room, dining table and laundry area coupled with guffaw and sobbing
  • dancing our favorite songs, Come On Over by Christina Aguillera  and Music by Madonna

Note: Rein used to dance from the second floor down to the first floor with her trademark “wiggle hips” step. Also, Brendzkie loved to dance on the sofa, on the bed, or on any platform with her favorite striptease moves. 🙂
Our preferred place for a spirited night out was High Altitude bar. And to sober up, we go to Pagoda for a breath of fresh air and take snapshots during wee hours. Ha!

Visitors frequent our renowned quarters and to name a few, they were Maven, Miriam, Edel, Allan, and Sean. For me, the one who left a far-fetched mark was Maven. She had affinity with my pillow. She loved to cuddle it and used it when she takes a nap in the La Union room.

The catch? It’s my “feet pillow”! I can’t help but to burst out in hearty laughter when Rein, Brendzkie, and Rhog informed me about Maven’s favorite cushion. It must be my feet’s aroma which was stuck to the pillow that got her spellbound. Ha!

Before I spill the beans about the ketchup and condiments adventure in Jollibee and Greenwhich… Zipping up my mouth now… err… should I say ending my article now… Whatever!

By the way, Rein, did Maven ever knew the secret of the “perfumed” pillow?  Just curious. 😀

Gotta snooze! Signing off for real… for now!
(Personal Note: Thank you Rein for taking time in digging and sending the photos! Merci Beaucoup!  )


Arnel phoned to inform us (Juvy and I) that he needed to pick up first his “lady friend” before going to our hotel to fetch us. He further mentioned that his college friends will be joining us in our night out (a.k.a. gimik).

Gimik Venue: Metrowalk (Ortigas, Philippines)

Arnel, Reyn, Juvy (the “Singaporean”), NoliPogi, Deo, Cynthia, Rosvie, Elma and I met up in Metrowalk. It was  Reyn and Juvy who were the lovely guests in our gimik because majority of us graduated from Lorma Colleges so in a way, we all know each other either by name or by face.

Elma was late and was mumbling unintelligible excuse when she arrived. By that time, the early birds were already enjoying a “kilometric” babble and exchange of demure smiles.  Little did we know that Elma will become the “star” of the night.

She practically stole the limelight with a “thunderous lightning strike” (if there is such thing). L How? See for yourself. Below is the excerpt of the group’s powwow with the unconventional and spontaneous remarks of the “star”:

Elma: (Looking at Juvy) How do you find the Philippines?

Deo, NoliPogi, Arnel, Cynthia, Rosvie, Reyn, Juvy and I exchanged confused glances for few seconds and then we instantly realized that Elma assumed that Juvy is a Singaporean (I came from Singapore at that time and Elma concluded that I brought Juvy “the Singaporean” with me.)

Juvy just smiled sheepishly.  (Then she looked at me and we exchange knowing looks. )

Elma: (Speaking in Ilocano, a language used in Northern Luzon (Ilocos Region), Philippines) Apay haan na ammo ag English?
(Translation: She doesn’t know how to speak English?)

Cynthia: (Speaking with certainty) Juvy can speak English, she’s a bit shy. She’s the daughter of TheCuriousme’s boss.

Elma: (Turning to Juvy) I went to Singapore last year. It’s a very beautiful country. I saw the Merlion. You know the half fish, half lion.

Juvy: (Smiling) Philippines is also a beautiful country.

Elma: (Speaking in Ilocano) Hayna! Agparigatak nga ag English! Nose bleed**!
(Translation: Geez! It’s so difficult to speak in English!)

**Nosebleed is an expression in the Philippines. It’s normally blurted out when you’re talking to a foreigner or any English-speaking person and you’re running out or pretending to run out of English vocabulary.

Looking at Elma’s expression, we can’t help but let go of hearty laughters that we have been trying so hard to suppress.

Elma: There were so many Indians in Singapore. Give them “tawas”*** as a gift when you go home. They will absolutely love it.  (Speaking in Ilokano) Hayna! Pirmi met ngatan ti “banglo” da. (Looking at Juvy) Baka met maka awat Ilokano datoy.

(Translation: Geez! They really smell “good” (referring to Indians in general). Maybe she can understand Ilocano.) TheCuriousMe Note: No Pun Intended
***Tawas is a white powder used as deodorant.

Cynthia whispered something to Juvy. Shhhhhh… Apparently, Elma’s ex boyfriend was an Indian.

Juvy: (Taking the cue from Cynthia) That’s perfect! Can you accompany  me tomorrow? I’m going to buy an enormous amount and give to my boyfriend. He’s an Indian.

This elicited an ear piercing chuckle from the group.

Elma: (Looking alarmed) Oh! Don’t do that. Don’t tell that to your boyfriend. (Speaking in Ilokano) Hala! Kasatnu ngayen data. Baka agapa da.
(Translation: Oh no! What should I do. What if they will end up fighting?)

Juvy: But why? You said Indians love “tawas”?

Elma: (Looking so helpless and worried) No. Please don’t. Ignore what I’ve said earlier.


Oppzie! Let’s end it now. This is becoming a “novel” (as usual). :p

I have no idea how the conversation was diverted into different mirthful topics and the “tawas” issue soon became a thing of the past. One thing is certain though, the exchange of banter and Elma’s facetious rejoinder tickled our funny bones to the maximum level! She really made our night memorable. Ha!

Up to the moment when we bid goodbye, Elma was still in the dark on the real “identity” of Juvy. By now, Cynthia and Rosvie must have told her. I wonder what her reaction was? 😀

Way to go Elma! You’re such a great sport! Until next time… Remember, don’t be late. See yeah!

From Left: NoliPogi, Deo, Arnel, & Reyn

Clockwise: TheCuriousMe, Cynthia, Juvy, Reyn, Elma, & Rosvie