mull over

I’m a very sentimental person when my love cup is nearly empty. Reading and writing long letters keeps me going and makes me see the world with a loving gaze. Ha!  Thus, when I was in “muni muni” (mulling over things) mode the other day, I suddenly had the urge to dig up old testimonials posted in my Friendster account six years ago.  I knew, I copied and pasted most of it in a word document and saved it somewhere.

I frantically searched my external hard disk but to no avail. Then, it dawned on me that it might be attached in my old emails. I “rummage” my email like crazy… and voila! I found some of it. The big chunk of testimonials are still floating around though. 😦

Below is the testimonial that touched me the most:
“I look up to her as a sister. Thing is, i think she’s learning a lot from me (about anything) instead of the other way around. A beautiful person inside and out. Intellectual. Modest. I appreciate the fact that we have transparency to each other, I mean, I can tell her everything, about my problems, experiences, ideas, opinions, and she can do the same to me, and we don’t have to always agree about those. We don’t always say yes to each other… this makes her a true friend. There was one time when she said no, though. And I got hurt. When she left Lorma, I got bitter about it… I’d say she’s the only real and the best instructor I’ve ever had. A mentor. Most people in the institution failed to see that. One fact I love about her: not the party-animal type of instructor. She knows the boundaries between her and her students. I’ve wanted her to stay until I graduate, I cried A LOT. But life is not getting what we always want(ed). I can’t just imagine losing a good friend like her…”

– Ayi (Posted in Friendster last Tuesday, May 24, 2005)

screenshot from

Awwww…. Thanks Little Big Sister! 🙂 Guess what, we still keep in touch almost everyday. Isn’t it that marvelous? 😉 Aja!

yin & yang

Experiencing frequent heart pain is a total torture! Sorry to disappoint but it’s not related with love troubles. :p I think the stress of working and taking classes after work is taking a toll on me. It makes wonder on how the full time students who are also juggling work hours in between handle it. I’m sure the pressure is enormous!

Anyhow, I’ve been attacked by giddiness, cold hands and feet, worry wart, and forgetfulness for the past few weeks. Mitch (my friend) mentioned that we have the same symptoms and according to her doctor, those are indication leading to anxiety attack. Her doctor advised her to take magnesium and she told me to do the same thing.

Over the weekend, instead of buying magnesium, I opted for a foot reflexology and back massage for a faster result. It did help relax my nerves for a couple of days. I considered getting a massage every other day but I realized it would be very costly so I decided to have it once a month.

My work and class kept me busy that I totally forgot about the magnesium. One day at work, I was flipping through the pages of the health booklet that my colleague lent me and was surprised to see that one of the health supplements featured contains magnesium, zinc and calcium. It’s called yin and yang, a health supplement from France.

The next morning, my colleague helped me process the order after I expressed my interest in buying yin and yang. It’s such a great product that it greatly improved my well being in such a short span of time.

At the end of the day, it’s really all about balance.
Work and life balance.
Yin and Yang balance.

So when you feel stressed out, check if something is imbalance. :p
Or it can also be associated with your love cup. Think about it.


yin & yang

ang moh

It was rush hour at the train platform and everyone were anxious to get a seat. I was in the group who boarded the train first so I managed to have a seat without “fighting” with anyone. :p I was working on a blog entry while I was on board the train when something caught my attention.

A not so old lady, skillfully blocked the Caucasian guy (a.k.a. ang moh – see singlish article) and took the seat where the ang moh was eyeing to take. With my mind diverted, I was discreetly observing the two. The ang moh seem to be pissed off and muttered “ladies!” while shaking his head. The lady just ignored him and he went on to seat at the empty chair next to me and began reading a novel.

ang moh novel…

When the lady alighted at the next station, the ang moh looked at her, shook his head and whispered “see”. He must have rolled his eyes but I did not dare look at him. I was thinking on what’s so special about the seat that made him look so grumpy early in the morning. It must be his favorite spot while reading a novel. Hmmm…

He looked irritated as well while he kept glancing at the guy who was conversing loudly with someone. Looks like his “love cup” must be nearly empty waiting to be filled. The only thing that I can do for him was to keep on smiling hoping to radiate and sprinkle (like a magic wand) positive aura on him.

Hopefully, he had a good day after the train ride. Aja! :p

love cup

Have you ever wondered why there are days that:

  •  your life is full of love
  •  you feel neglected
  •  you are more forgiving
  •  you get irritated easily
  •  you are more understanding
  •  you’re extremely impatient
  •  you are more loving
  •  you are colder than ice
    … and so on…

Well, I’ve thought about it too.  An article  (I can’t remember the title) that I’ve read gave me a better understanding that it is not just because of the red flag, menopausal stage and whatever hormonal imbalance for ladies. As for gentlemen, it’s not about getting bald or whatnot… It all depends on how full each individuals love cup.

It needs to be refilled from time to time. These may come in a form of appreciation, recognition, hug or even a simple smile from friends, colleagues, love ones, or even from strangers.

So… Is your love cup full or empty? :p