wait or give up?

Something to ponder on from @thenotebookoflove… Here you go:

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.

If you like me, *TELL* me. If you miss me, *SHOW* it. If you love me, *PROVE* it.

Long distance relationships will only work if you both trust one another and love one another. It won’t be easy.

The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up, give up or wait.”

“it’s your fault!”

Another “series” of food for thought from @thenotebookoflove… Read on! 😀

“People will choose to blame their circumstances on fate or bad luck. Very few will admit it’s mainly the choices they have made.

Confidence is admitting who you are, what you’ve done, and loving yourself for what you’ve become, no matter what others think of you.

If you don’t mean something, don’t say it, words are painful weapons that can’t be undone.

I hate those people who only pretend you exist when they need something from you.

If something isn’t happening for you it does not mean it’s never going to; it just means that you’re not ready for it yet.

We keep running after the people who least care about us. Why don’t we just stop, and see the ones running behind us?

Making a difference starts with yourself. Before you can complain about everything else being messed up, figure out what’s wrong with you first.”


Sharing with you a “vavaboom quote” courtesy of Mona Abrihan! Here you go:

“WHATEVER you give to a WOMAN, she will MAKE it GREATER.

Give her SPERM, she will give you a BABY.

Give her a HOUSE, she will give you a HOME.

Give her GROCERIES,​ she will give you a MEAL.

Give her LOVE, and she will give you her HEART!


So, if you GIVE her CRAP, be PREPARED to RECEIVE a ton of SHIT!”

Ha! I love it! How about you? 😉

break free!

From the @notebookoflove… Read on!

“People may hate you for being different and not living by society’s standards, but deep down, they wish they had the courage to do the same.

Sometimes we put up walls. Not to block people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down.

Not all scars show. Not all wounds heal. Sometimes, you can’t always see the pain someone feels.

Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others.

Hiding my emotions doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.

Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.

People spend their whole lives trying to live up to other people’s expectations and being told what to do. I say screw that. Be free.

People will always believe what they want to believe.

Don’t always say what you know, but always know what you are saying.”

Cheers! 😉


This site was initially set up to vent out my curtailed emotions. I’m a typical Virgo who just keep things to herself and then explode at the “right” moment. Yup! That’s me! However, I don’t want to get heart problems so I’ve decided to be vocal about my pent up feelings whichever method that is deemed necessary.

 Moreover, I’m a very quiet and shy person. :p Ok, some of you may disagree but that’s my nature since I was a kid. I exerted great effort to overcome it, yet, it still pops up every now and then.

Going back to the site, I decided to make it public because a lot of people shows interest in knowing my whereabouts, what keeps me busy, etc. Hence, TheCuriousMe (http://www.thecuriousme.com) is made available for “public consumption”.

Just a heads up, I’m not earning from this site so I don’t have a budget to pay for a copywriter. Poor me. Tsk tsk tsk… @TheSoulfulVixen and Majesty helps me every now and then (in which I’m very grateful) nonetheless, I can’t possibly bug them and take up their time to proofread my articles all the time. Sigh…

thecuriousme manifesto

 FYI, I’m not an English major, so if you find some missing “S” or more “F” & “S” than it should be… or any grammatical error, pardon me. I would greatly appreciate if you call my attention and help me correct it. You can shoot me an email at info.thecuriousme@gmail.com.

I hate English eversince I was in High School. I’m more of a Math person (I totally love Calculus and Algebra  ) but I can’t seem to shake off my passion for writing

…Take it or leave it…
…Love me or hate me…
… I’m going to write until the end of time! Aja!


The weekend passed by and I haven’t finished my pending articles. I’m not inspired to write. That’s the only reason that I can think of right now.

To uplift my “gloomy” mood, I’ve compiled some awe-inspiring quotations from the twitter account @NotebookOfLove.  Check it out:

“Life is much better when you finally realize someone who has made your life worth living for.”

“All I want is someone who will stay with me, no matter how hard it is to be with me.”

“Love me without fear, trust me without questioning, need me without demanding, want me without restrictions, and accept me without change.”


Did it hit home? :p

Bye for now… I will continue my “muni muni mode”… See ya later! mmmmmwa!

make it real!

Please allow me to share with you several heartfelt quotations from the twitter account @notebookoflove.

“It’s not about how much you SAY you care, it’s how much you SHOW that you care.”

“LADIES: the proof of passion is in the pursuit. If a man really wants to be with you, he will find a way.”

“Love doesn’t need a reason, it speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart.”

“iloveyou is better without spaces; no room for lies.”

“Every relationship is a mirror, what do you see?”

“Mean what you say and say what you mean.”

This is for you and you.
(you know who you are)

Ponder ponder! :p


tick tack tick tack!

“Love is not equal to pity.

If you want to end the relationship but you are scared you will hurt the other person, think about hurting him the most if you keep on delaying.

Time is essential. Don’t deprive him and yourself the chance to find true happiness.
*** By not quitting soon, the time spent to be with your true love is lessened.

The clock is ticking.”

–  excerpt from the “prison cell” article from thecuriousme.com

note to self

  • smile often even if you can’t find any reason to smile
  • find your tongue, you’ve been tight-lipped for quite sometime
  •  wear your eyeglasses when you’re using the computer. it hurts badly when you don’t.
  • work out regularly since you can’t stop yourself from eating
  • refrain from daydreaming especially when you’re driving
  • teach your right foot to accurately distinguish the gas and break pedal. don’t interchange!
  • ignore those people who talk behind your back
  • stay away from hypocrites, they emit negative energy which is bad for the health
  • don’t just meet expectations, exceed them!
  • continue writing and inspiring other creatures
  • never entertain negative thoughts
  • choose the guy whom you love and who loves you dearly… someone who proves his words with actions… someone who has a concrete plan for the future… be firm or else you may end up like a fool (again.)
  • love yourself
  • stop hibernating, get a life!
  • join a cruise
  • meditate once a week
  • stop planning your life, it’s not working

Sorry, I’m just talking to myself.  Why don’t you do the same? :p Aja!

“agapi mou”

(TheCuriousMe Note: I don’t post poems on my site but I will make an exception for Thodoris and Majesty… Read on… )

“This is an original composition of Thodoris Kouleris, which he wrote for me. Thank you so much for this poem. I love it and will treasure it forever. For me, it is the best poem ever written. Thank you so much, agapi mou… ” ~ Majesty

By Thodoris Kouleris

Heavenly Flower is your name,
Day and night with you is the same.
You are the light, you are the sun,
You are a child just having fun.
You are the star that points my way,
A beautiful sparkle that makes my day.
Gods I’m sure they don’t exist,
But seeing you can change my belief!

Heavenly flower is your name,
My life with you will never be the same.
I want to taste your beautiful lips.
I’m losing my mind, I’m losing my sleep.
You are the one that drives me to heaven,
You are the one i can love forever.
A queen, a goddess, and a star,
The summer, the spring, the Goddess of love..
Birds and the air are singing your name,
What a beautiful song, what a beautiful name!


One thing that doesn’t apply to me is planning my life. Whenever I intend to aim for something, it will automatically become elusive. After doing several attempts, I finally accepted the fact that planning doesn’t work for me.

Proof? Here you go:

Lovelife. I wanted to get married by year 2000 but it did not happen. I thought, it maybe too early so I extended it to 2005. It “almost” happened. However, some obscure phenomenon hindered it. Thus, this stage is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. :p

Habitat.   Initially, I intended to work in Qatar but I wound up working in Singapore. I planned to settle in Europe for good but I ended up migrating in North America. I’m still in limbo with this turn of events. Maybe fate brought me here? Whatever it is. I’m here to stay.

Work. My goal is to follow my late mother’s wish which is to keep away from the teaching force and my ultimate dream after graduation is to become a Programmer (aka Software Developer or Software Engineer). Yet, I ended up teaching for almost 8 years and did several other jobs but never as a Software Developer.

The above-mentioned are some of the instances which made me stopped outlining my goals and just go with the flow. It`s kinda weird because when I stopped planning my life,  things started to fall into place.

Let’s wait and see. Aja!



courtesy of dreamstime.com
love triangle

(Note: Check out the article “baffled?” for a sneak preview of this article.)

Mitch (served as the moderator)

  • Pro Yno
  • believed that Yno can take care of the relationship better than Alex.


  • made an effort to be neutral but obviously Pro Alex
  • hoped that Yno is the type who’s there even if how many years have passed like Alex


  • clearly Pro Alex


  • cautiously Pro Yno

Below are insights of the “relationship council” about the issue:
(Just a heads up, Mitch and Scott preferred to throw more facial expressions than comments.)

In the end, what’s important the most is the guy who accepts Buffy’s imperfections and will move the earth just to be with her. And of course, the love should be mutually shared by both parties.(found in cool vs class)

Darn! Be it Korean, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Filipino and American TV Series… it seems like this is even better than all the TV Series that I’ve watched!  Whoa!  I wonder what will be the ending of this intricate love story?

  • Will Buffy end up with Alex? or
  • Will Buffy end up with Yno? or
  • Will Buffy end up with someone else?
  • Will Buffy end up unattached?

What’s your take on this? 😉