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Nearly seven (7) years ago,  a scholarship from the Netherlands Fellowship Program paved the way for me to travel to Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland) for free (see travel for “free” article for more details)!:D  It never occurred to me that I will be able to follow my father’s footsteps because he also went to Netherlands through scholarship when I was a baby. Is it fate? Hmmm…

I must admit, it’s one of the defining moments of my life.  Meeting and gaining friends from all over the world helped me see and understand things in a broader perspective.  🙂

AfroCarribean Party

with Khinna

See below for more unforgettable and silly moments :

EurAsia Party

with my Dutch Sis 🙂

winning team 😀

dancing or giggling?

Filipino & Dutch connection

Freedom Party

Grace (in red shirt) Birthday Party

Flower Auction

My Bhutanese’ Bodyguards. 🙂

Goofing around before Graduation.

I can’t wait to visit Netherlands again (this time, I vow to visit one of the “coffee” shops!) and other Euro Countries in the near future.

Mommy Lenah this is for you 🙂 :

Korean Aficionado

First things first.
I’m not a Korean.

I’m a true blooded Filipino who was born and raised in the Philippines. I stayed momentarily in Europe and Singapore then eventually migrated somewhere in North America. Moreover, I’ve never been to Korea… and nobody paid me to write this. :p  However, if Koreans would like to treat me with an all expense paid trip to Korea… that would be awesome!  If given the chance, I want to see the Jeju Island, Seoul and the Namsan Tower.

Korean Hanbok

I can’t really understand why am I so hooked with Korean TV Series.. maybe because it’s an excellent stress reliever? Koreans make simple stories into a great feel good and charming series. I’ve finished watching five (5) series plus one (1) in progress. Every episode lasts for an hour and the usual series have 17 to 25 episodes.

Only Hearts of 19 has 160+ episodes. I’m now in the 95th episode but currently I stopped watching so that I can focus in writing entries for my blog site and at the same time, live my life like normal human being should do. :p

Until next time!  Aja!


Weekend was meant for gallivanting after a nerve wracking and brain torture weekday,.:) After the Paris adventure (click here to read the blog entry, “exploring Paris”), this time we opted to go to Luxembourg. It never crossed my mind that I will be able to set foot to the richest country in the world (2010)! Whoa!

From Netherlands (Maastricht), we travelled to Germany (forgot which city) via train. From Germany, we boarded the train going to Luxembourg. The travel time was not as long as the Paris trip.

In a couple of hours, we reached Luxembourg. Luxembourg reminds me of Baguio City (a.k.a. Summer Capital of the Philippines). Flowers were everywhere and there’s also a distinct pine tree scent. The scenery radiates a serene and peaceful feeling. It’s the perfect place to rejuvenate after too much stress from the instant (click here to read the blog entry, “instant”) world. I wonder how Luxembourg maintains its natural ambiance…

After a lengthy walk and sightseeing, we stopped near the bridge to take a breather and enjoy the view. The calming effect was really fantastic! To save money, we brought our lunch and had a feast near the church under the tree.  It’s like having a picnic in Burnham Park in Baguio City, Philippines.

It was a such short trip but the most relaxing one. I hope I can go there again someday (even better if I will be with someone special) but for a longer period so that I can explore the country more.

Until then!