Jared is my 2-year old nephew (Uriel Nathan’s youngest brother  <- click to read related article). He’s the most hyper kid I’ve ever known! He laughs a lot, run around all the time and most of all, he loves to play with the cooking utensils (the real ones!). You betcha! It looks like we have a chef in the making.

“buy” ingredients

little chef

don’t disturb

One time, my brother and his family went for a trip in Singapore. We all met up and I became their tour guide and at the same time, “nanny” of the kids (Uriel Nathan and Jared). I showed them around the Singapore tourist spots and visited the neighboring countries, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Songs of the Sea, Singapore

On board a train, there’s an instance wherein Jared just burst into tears and cried non-stop. I was in a state of panic because the train was totally jampacked. It’s either he was irritated with all the people around him or he’s hungry or he wants to run around or he just feels like crying (?).

Later on, my brother told me that Jared sometimes pretend to cry if he doesn’t get what he wants. My brother and his wife usually ignore him and let him “cry” . Take note, you can’t see any tears but you can definitely hear the “crying sound”. 😀  He’s such a best child actor that I even got fooled once! Ha!

Genting, Malaysia


When they went back to the Philippines, my brother kept bugging me (up to now!) to have a video chat via Skype with Jared because he loves looking at himself in front of the camera. FYI, we don’t really talk because he can’t say much yet. He just kept waving and smiling and saying “Ta” (short for Tita – Filipino word for Aunt) while looking at the camera. He probably thinks that he’s the most handsome kid on earth. 🙂


future heartthrob

That’s Jared, the tornado, the little chef, and the best child actor!  😀

Punjabi Wedding

(Note: Click here to check out my airport blooper(s)  😉)

Who would have thought that my visit  to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, three years ago,  to unwind and meet up with friends would end up in gate-crashing a Punjabi wedding? Yes, out of the blue, I was invited by the invited by the invited.

Majestic Mom, my ever loving (with goddess like beauty) Royal Mom, conceptualized an improvised outfit for me because I find the required attire too complicated.  Efxaristo Majestic Mom!

fabulous outfit 😀

Below are the other “fantabulous” snapshots 😀 :

with Dadlet

with Majestic Mom

Wedding reception

Wedding lunch

Bride & Groom

with the Bride & the Groom

Take note, we managed to have a photo with the Bride and the Groom. 😀 So, am I a certified “wedding crasher” now?


Alright… I confess… I have this thing for towers and other skyscrapers (in which I still prefer to call as tower… :p).  Being drawn to towers is one way (I think) of conquering my fear of heights.  Is it psychological?

Towers do make me feel tall (since I’m extremely petite :p ) and powerful!  From the top of the sky high tower,  I feel like I’m the Queen of the world looking down at the “microscopic” objects  and “tiny” creatures called human beings. :p  Well, climbing a tower is more attainable than aspiring to fly. Ha!

fly fly away!

Looking back, below are the towers I’ve visited and climbed so far:

Menara Kuala Lumpur (considered to be the 7th tallest tower in the world)

  • Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Visiting this tower is very interesting because you can also have the option to ride a horse (not inside the tower! ), stopover at the animal “kingdom”, watch cultural shows, and become an “F1 driver”. 😉 Since I’ve been there thrice, I practically did most of the activities except riding a horse :p

my nephew

CN Tower (the 3rd tallest tower in the world)

  • Located in Toronto, Canada
  • I particularly love the “transparent floor”. It scared the hell out of me.  (see related article -> Toronto)

transparent floor

CN Tower

Eiffel Tower  (dubbed as the 30th tallest tower in the world)

  • Located in Paris, France
  • I personally consider this as the most magical tower in the universe! Call me hopeless romantic, but I had goosebumps while watching the sunset from the topmost part of the tower. It’s the most magical feeling I’ve ever felt! And I want to be there again in this lifetime. (see related article -> Eiffel Tower)

with Sonam & Khinna

Petronas Twin Towers  (Menara Berkembar Petronas in Malay)

  • remain as the tallest twin buildings in the world ever built (according to Wikipedia)
  • Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • There’s no entrance fee but you need to queue at day break to be included in the lucky 100.  If my memory serves me right, they only allow 100 visitors per day. One thing that I find interesting about Petronas Twin Towers is the connecting bridge. It’s like the hands of the two towers are “intertwined” tightly with a promise not to ever let go. 😀 (see Kuala Lumpur related article -> lost momentus)


I’m looking forward to checking more towers and buildings …and I surely have a long way to go. Ha!  Check out my “wish” list in my next post. 😉

calgary zoo

Since I can’t visit my cousins in the US (see related article -> denied) I visited my other relatives in the Zoo! :p

calgary zoo

cute ey?

It was absolutely thrilling to see the healthy animals roaming around in their designated area. I prefer the Night Safari in Singapore though…the eerie feeling made it more interesting.  

The downside? My Canon digital camera got busted.   Sigh… I was handing it to my nephew Rhajz to take a photo of me when it fell… I thought he was already holding it because I felt his hand touch the camera but apparently he was not.

I’m still nursing over the pain of having a bleeding pocket (see article -> denied), now the broken camera added to my misery. I just bought last November! :(When it rains, it really pours…)

My first digital camera  (Sony) died a natural death.
The second camera (Sony Touch Screen) got lost in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -> see related article,”lost momentus“).
And the third camera (Canon) decided to rest.

To those who are thinking on what to give me this Christmas, a Canon digital camera would be lovely.  Calling Santa Claus!

back to road trip finale article


It’s always been my childhood dream to see a real snow and experience the four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall).  I lived most of my life in the Philippines and few years in Singapore wherein it’s summer most of the time!

Winter just ended when I went to Europe but I did experience Spring for three months. So, I still have Winter and Fall in my bucket list. Also, I promised myself that when I see a real snow, I will definitely take a pinch and savor the taste. Ha! Pardon my naivety. I am what I am. 😉

Following Big Bro’s master plan, I quietly migrated to North America during Winter time!  It was crazy in a way because there were different timezones in every airport I went to for my connecting flights. Thus, my body clock was in a total chaos and I reached my destination absolutely stressed out… for a moment. :p

Stress was replaced with unconcealed childlike grin and excitement! My cousin picked me up at the airport together with her family. She told me that my “Matrix” coat is for Spring and is not thick enough for the Winter. My “Matrix” look had to wait (sorry Majestic Mom!). 😉

When we arrived at their house, I took a pinch of snow on top of her other car and tasted it. It reminded me of the ice in Chowking’s halo halo (Filipino dessert).  It’s absolutely delicious and refreshing! Wohooo!

snow… in front of the house…

Previously, I never bothered to do it because the season was either sunny or rainy, warm or cold. I always bring small umbrella anyway. That would suffice back then. 😀 In a four season country, I learned that it’s a must to know the weather forecast so that you will know how to plan your outfit (how many layers), what jacket to wear (how thick or thin it is), if you will need mittens, etc.

Time flies… Spring is just around the corner and it will be Summer soon! I’ve noticed that a lot of locals love summer! However, for me, I anticipate Fall, Winter and Spring rather than the Summer.  I’ve had my fair share of Summer in this lifetime, I think. -_-  I was told that I will change my mind in a year or two. We’ll see.

Next winter, I will definitely make my own snow angel and snowman. Yabadabadoo!!!!

camera splurge

One of the things that I can’t live without is a camera. It’s not a good feeling if I miss out a picture perfect moment in which rarely happens unless the camera dramatically decides to “sleep for good” or disappear.

I know I’m sentimental but who cares? :p I like to relive the experience with a photo and an article so that I can share it on my site. It saves me time as well in keeping my relatives and friends in the loop about what’s going on.

Anyway, I was walking around the airport while waiting for my flight when I saw a Sony camera. My eyes were glued on the camera while I was standing there racking my brain whether to buy or not.

Another thing that I have laid my eyes on was the ipod touch. I’ve been contemplating to buy an ipod touch for the longest time and the price was cheaper than the camera. As I was weighing the pros and cons on what to buy, my flight’s boarding time (which was 30 minutes away) added pressure and stress in my decision making process.

After a “thorough” deliberation, I finally gave in and bought the camera. There’s a cheaper version but they don’t have the color that I wanted so I opted to get the more expensive one. The thought of capturing the “kodak” (a.k.a.memorable) moments of my vacation pumped up my adrenaline.

I must say, even it put a dent on my budget, it is worth every penny I spent. Whatta great buy!

(Note: This article was created when the lost camera was bought. Please see lost momentus. I’m using my phone’s camera at the moment. :p)



After I knocked off from work, I went straight to the airport via train with few dollars in my wallet. I decided to exchange my dollars to ringgit (Malaysian currency) once I reach KL since my friend will be fetching me at the airport in Kuala Lumpur (KL). My flight was Friday evening so I thought it will be crowded at the check in counter but it was not.

At the boarding area, the officer reminded me to place my phone inside my bag. The baggage checked went well. I was looking forward to enter the boarding area to have a nap because

I was so exhausted. However, when I presented my boarding pass, the officer mentioned that I was in the wrong flight and my flight will be the next one. The officers were smiling while I muttered “sorry” and “thank you” with an embarrassed laugh.

I thought I was late so I was in a hurry. I did not check the boarding time because I was so anxious that my mindset was to get to the boarding area as fast as I could. Sigh… I went outside to wait for the boarding time. I was so exhausted from work, starving and sleepy. After about half an hour, I was permitted to enter the boarding area. When I went back the officer said, “you’re here again”, with a teasing smile.

Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Once the plane landed at the LCC terminal in KL around 10:45 p.m., hurriedly went to the arrival area to meet my friend. To my surprised, she was not there and my hand phone chose to be faulty at that time so I can’t even message or call her.

I was walking for half an hour trying to search for her and when I can’t find her, I went inside the airport again (although it’s prohibited). I explained my dilemma to the first officer I saw at the same time I asked where I can find the money changer. He pointed the location and mentioned that it’s near the coffee shop.

It must be pure coincidence or a blessing in disguise because my friend was waiting near the coffee shop which was incidentally the arrival area for domestic flights.

Whew! Until next adventure…

lost momentus 26052010

Genting via KL Sentral was our next stop on our second day in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

Near our hotel (Ancasa Hotel & Spa), we took a taxi to reach KL Sentral. As we alighted at the KL Sentral, I double checked just in case I left anything in the back seat. When my father asked me to take a photo of him in KL Sentral, that’s the time when we realized that the camera was missing. Unknowingly, the camera fell on the floor when I paid for the taxi fare.

Sad to say, we were not able to get the plate number of the taxi. The information we have were: a yellow taxi and the driver is about 60 years old, thin, with a beard, and he looked like a Malay.

I called the hotel seeking for assistance but the duty manager could not help much since we didn’t take the taxi from the hotel entrance. However, he provided the number for the helpline for taxi and further advised to file a police report.

We searched for the nearest police station and filed a report. The insufficient information provided made the police officers hesitant in helping out. Narrowing down the search via the taxi color  and the time and location didn’t help much either because taxis were owned by different companies. It’s my bad to even think that color coding scheme are practiced all over the world. No matter how slim the chance was, I was still persistent in filing a police report in which the police officer abided.

Although we missed the bus because we stayed at the police station longer than expected; Genting trip was still pushed through as planned but we had to a taxi  that charged almost triple the actual fare. From the taxi drop off point, we took the sky cable (skyway – which run about 3.8 km) to get to Genting.

Despite the lost camera, the Genting and KL trip was still an unforgettable experience that will surely be treasured. Deep in our heart, we are still hoping that a kindhearted soul will return the photos.

New cameras can be bought, but the captured moments that we had in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore were all gone. sigh… Well, life must go on.

Thanks to iPhone… We were able to have some snapshots:

Genting Sky Cable
ip2010 162

Genting First World Hotel

Petronas Tower
ip2010 224 ip2010 230

Lesson Learned:
Always take the plate number of the taxi no matter what!
Think positive. Good things will happen.