New York Tour! (1 of 2)

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To be clear, this happened in 2012…
Thus, expect that there are a lot of changes back then and now…
I know…I know…  As usual, my post is late. :p

Anyway, watching Broadway shows and a taste of New York night out were scrapped from our list because we ran out of time. 😦 Who knows? I might be back someday… Hopefully, an angel will help me travel for free again. 😀

Ok… I’ll stop rambling now… Here’s the much awaited snapshots of a small town girl’s tour of New York!

Ground Zero – 911 
*** It gave me goosebumps! I can still recall the 911 tragedy.:(

GroundZero-US 2012 - 648


GroundZero-US 2012 - 655


Central Park
*** It certainly looked similar to the “Central Park” in the movie, Madagascar 3! 😀 Hmmm… Am I imagining things? Ha!

CentralPark-US 2012 - 471

CentralPark-US 2012 - 475

CentralPark-US 2012 - 472

CentralPark-US 2012 - 696

Madison Square Garden
*** Filipinos may be small but we are uber-basketball enthusiasts!

Madison-US 2012 - 690

Madison-US 2012 - 460

Madison-US 2012 - 465

Madison-US 2012 - 466

Grand Central Station
*** The place itself reminds me of the television show, Gossip Girl… Howdy! Blair and Serena… XOXO 

GrandCentral-US 2012 - 532

GrandCentral-US 2012 - 727

GrandCentral-US 2012 - 527

GrandCentral-US 2012 - 522

Empire State Building
*** It was crowded even though the deck was closed because of the thick fog. OMG!

Empire-US 2012 - 677

Empire-US 2012 - 673

Empire-US 2012 - 449

Empire-US 2012 - 548

Empire-US 2012 - 446

Empire-US 2012 - 667

That’s it for now folks! Coming soon… more photos and adventures! Up next will be “New York Tour! (2 of 2)”! Have a chillaxin’ weekend everyone! 🙂

New York!

After the road trip to Washington DC (click this link to read related article -> “bullet holes”), my cousins (Vilmor and Freddie) and I decided to embark on another adventure…  this time to New York!

misc-StatueofLiberty--3US 2012 - 598
Statue of Liberty from afar

Misc-Hopkee-US 2012 - 581

Who wouldn’t want to go to New York? Come on! The Statue of Liberty and “the Big Apple” with sky high buildings are such a “wow” for a naive small town girl like me. :p

misc-statueofliberty misc-bigapple

You betcha! With our backpack in tow, we all boarded a bus from Virginia (Va) to New York (NY). The 6-hour travel was a breeze because it was utilized for snoozing. Zzzzzzz…

Kuya Romeo, one of our relatives who lives in Manhattan, kindly picked us up from the bus drop-off point near Chinatown. He drove us to Manhattan and bought us a fancy breakfast before doing “touristy” things. 🙂

misc-Manhattan-US 2012 - 312

misc-Manhattan-US 2012 - 584
with Kuya Romeo

misc- my turn-US 2012 - 378
my turn! 😦
misc-StatenIsland-US 2012 - 610

misc-Taxi-US 2012 - 364
NYC cab

misc-NYPD-US 2012 - 339

misc-SeaPort-US 2012 - 571

misc-balls-US 2012 - 379
balls! (near Wall Street)
Misc-JapaneseUS 2012 - 486

Misc-Japanese US 2012 - 487
Japanese Buffet

Misc-Japanese-US 2012 - 488
with Gladys
misc-EmpireState-US 2012 - 436

So… what else did we do in New York? Check it out on my next post (New York Tour! (1 of 2))!

P.S. TheCuriousMe would like to thank the following for making this trip possible:

  • Vilmor and Freddie for covering my return ticket (Va to NY and NY to Va) and some foodies
  • Ate Cel for coordinating with Kuya Romeo and Gladys
  • Gladys (and Rhyan!)for the accommodation
  • Kuya Romeo for patiently driving us around, buying our breakfast and supper, and for providing us a tour guide

Thank you so much for your valuable time and for making the trip to New York memorable as well as free of charge! I’m one lucky girl! 😀  XOXO 

gossip girl

Ladies’ love to be pampered by getting their nails done (manicure (a.k.a. mani) and pedicure (a.ka. pedi)) every now and then. As for me, I prefer to indulge myself with a deep-tissue massage. I find it more relaxing and worthy of spending my hard earned money.

I do clean my nails whenever I get the chance.  It was 4 years after I started working when I finally decided to go for a mani and pedi. I did it twice and the third time happened after 9 years. :p

It was on the third time when I realized why asking someone to do the mani and pedi is such an “IN” thing for ladies. First, it can magically transform the aura of the hands and the feet. Second, you will know the latest gossips in town from the gossip girl herself, the manicurist (or in a fancy term, nail technician)!  

In that short span of time while she’s doing my nails, she managed to tell juicy gossips and at the same time, she amazingly tried to dig out colorful  information from me in a very prudent manner. I didn’t see that coming but still, I managed to be vigilant and not reveal too much information. Shall I go for mani and pedi again? Hmmm… maybe… in a few years time and in a different location.


Careful, careful Royalville and commoners! It seems like Gossip Girl is not only interested about the lives of privileged young adults in Manhattan’s Upper East Side  (New York City) but also loves to talk about the lives of the members of the Royalville as well as the commoners.

Mani and pedi anyone? Just beware!  XOXO!