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My cousin’s colleague, Mel, invited me to go out of town on the first weekend of July… a lady that I haven’t met…  and a place that I haven’t been to. I certainly have no clue on what awaits me on that trip.


On the day of the outing, Mel together with her Mom were waiting for me at the car park. They live across the street where I stay. It was Mel who’s behind the wheel… and I was quietly “driving” in my mind with my imaginary car. :p

The journey to the mineral spa took less than two (2) hours. Several of Mel’s friends joined us in that outing. It did do me good because my limited circle of friends increased. Wahoo!

Check out the links below for the unforgettable memories that we had during the trip:

Fun… fun… fun…!!! 😀

mineral spa

While getting “soaked” in the mineral spa pool, we all had an interesting chat about the symptoms of menopausal stage, how to clinch a boyfriend, beauty tips, family issues, sending money to the Philippines, and so on and so forth.

I was the youngest single lady (yes, you’ve read it right. youngest. :p ) so I can’t relate much with the menopausal topic. It did give me a scare though because I’ll be experiencing that in a few years time. Waaaah!

Although the pool looked a bit muddy because of the mineral contents, it did help ease my back pain.  Also, the hot tub area of the pool was a hit for the grannies. I admit I liked it too!

mineral pool

Time and money wise…it was worth the trip!  I was able to gain new friends, visit a new place and most of all, stay in the pool for four hours on the first day and two hours the next day. It certainly improved my social life, my blood circulation and relieved my body pain. Hence, I felt better when we went home. It was truly a relaxing weekend!

manitou mineral spa

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The laid back setting reminds me of the Christmas Party that I used to host for five or six years when I was a youth councilor in our community. The only difference was the crowd.

In our place, majority of the group consisted of teenagers. While in Danceland, most of the guests were grannies. I’m old but not that old… I felt out of placed! Nonetheless, I did enjoy listening to the country music and Elvis Presley’s songs.

dance dance dance!

Our companions started dancing as soon as we arrived. Mel and I was contented watching them. After a few moments, an old guy (maybe he’s in his late 80′s) approached our table and asked for Mel to dance with him. It’s a sweet music and Mel politely declined.

In order to appease the old guy, Au, Mel’s friend, volunteered to dance with him on behalf of Mel. I was getting nervous because I can’t seem to see myself dancing sweet music with strangers who were old enough to be my grandfather.

I twisted and shifted the friendship ring that Yayi gave me to make it look like I’m married.

my accomplice 😉

Whenever somebody approached our table, to be on the safe side, I always looked at the window (opposite the dance hall) and strategically display my “wedding ring”. Prevention is better than cure, eh? Whatever! My scheme did work.  And of course,  I was able to dance upbeat songs with my newfound friends.

When we were about to return to hotel, something strange happened. We got lost! We reached three dead ends and we returned to Danceland twice before we eventually found the right way. Whew!

That’s a spooky way to end the night. Wohoooo!

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flea market

On our way home from our Manitou trip, we went to the flea market to check out some pies. Heavy rain poured while we were walking inside the flea market. We ended up sharing a shade with one of the vendors and as a sign of gratitude, my companions bought some of the cherries that the vendor was selling.


It was already late and the rain seems to get heavier each minute. Thus, we all decided to “battle” the heavy rain and dash towards where the car was parked. We were all drenched and shivering profusely when we reached the car. That certainly is another way of cooling down. 🙂

And… we were not able to buy some pies. Oh well… at least we had good time!

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