i’m back!

Halu peeps! I’m back! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

I missed you all… I’m extremely happy because even if I haven’t posted new articles for quite sometime, you still visited www.thecuriousme.com  … from the bottom of my heart, merci! xie xie! bedankt! thank you! salamat! agyamanak!

For your convenience, you can choose blog posts to read from the following categories which can be found at the right side of the page:

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I’m currently working on my articles which is super duper long overdue… I will do my best to post it asap!

I hope you are inspired and entertained with the posted articles (and the new ones that will be posted soon!)… It would be great to know your thoughts!  Please don’t hesitate to post your comments…

Happy New Year! Be happy! Smile like crazy! Attract positive vibes! Wear yellow and a tiara! See below image to visualize the effect!  Aja!