The MoSo conference (Canada’s mobile & social media conference) definitely increased my level of awareness on the dominance of mobile and social media as a ”neutral” marketing arena for start-ups, small and medium businesses, as well as the gigantic companies.

So, what is MoSo Conference?
“A gathering of super sweet peeps for great talks, music, eats and tweets. It’s all about everything mobile and social. It’s a community. It’s a festival. It’s, well, you’ll have to find out for yourself.”

Check out below for some of the wonderful insights from the conference:

@DanMartell –  Five Unconventional ways to entrepreneurship

Failure is part of the process.
Hustle to help with no expectations.
Motivation is everything.
Pick 5 people with the same goals and drive to help you move forward.
Set a goal and tell the world so that you are committed.
Make no small plans.

Karyn Zuidinga (@Analytic_Design) – From insight to innovation: The Search for Unconventional Wisdom

Karyn Zuidinga
“Within organizations, the pressure to ‘innovate’ is very high and very real, yet most have no clear idea what it means.”“The trick to bringing real innovation is to understand that it isn’t some moment of divine inspiration or paradigm shifting invention. True innovation is part of a process, and can be found through understanding: The search for who your users are, what they need, and what they want.”

@BrendanKing –  They can’t say that… can they? Managing your reputation online

“Online Reputation Management” is no longer a buzzword, it is now something that every successful business devotes effort to.”Reputation today is airborne and contagious!

What is Reputation Management for SMB’s
Local Presence Management / Visibility
Monitoring structured data reviews
Monitoring User Generated content (UGC) – including employees
Comparing yourself to your competition
Engaging customers and tracking ROI

@DaleZak – Harnessing the Power of Mobile

“Mobile devices are revolutionizing our world allowing us to connect, communicate, and collaborate in ways not previously possible. But to understand the true power of mobile, one must appreciate the full spectrum of device capabilities.”

The Perfect Storm
Connectivity        Availability        Speed          Power          Features          Price

@SaulColt – Is influence a good thing?

“Marketing is about influence
Influence comes from making a connection
Connections come from experience
Experience must include emotions
Emotions come from entertainment
Entertainment comes from magic
Magic = Marketing”

Click this link for Annelise Larson’s (@veriatweet) comprehensive summary of the MoSo conference.

Fun times at the MoSo after party (Venue: Lydia’s)

MoSo Speakers

Tiffany & Alan biting the @VendAsta bear!!!

It’s raining beer! Too bad I can’t stand the taste of beer. :p

(TheCuriousMe Note: I admit I had second thoughts in attending the MoSo conference because I wanted to finish my month end checklist. I’m glad I decided to show up! I had a grand time! 😀 )

Until next conference. 😉

transfer of ownership

It was a typical Sunday afternoon…
Crowded mall…
Jampacked walkway…
Long queue everywhere…

With people walking to and fro including children happily running and jumping all over the place, it’s totally head spinning! Ha!

Lali and I had to endure the “lovely sounds” and mob because we need to process a transfer of ownership. Big word! 🙂 After buying milk tea with pearl, we headed straight to the mobile customer service center. The queue number was at 1039 and our number was at 1044.

Lali is taking over my iphone and a transfer of ownership was needed for a post paid service. It’s funny because it sounds like I was selling a land or house.  While waiting patiently for our turn, we entertained ourselves by watching the Forbes Richest People in the world. It felt like the “ka ching ka ching” sound of the cash register was playing loudly and dollar signs are popping everywhere.

It took us more than half an hour to queue and the processing took around 10 to 15 minutes. The transfer of ownership will take effect after 3 to 5 working days. There goes my iphone. It will soon be owned by my friend. I will surely miss our memorable moments together. It’s one of the most useful gadget I’ve ever had!

Life must go on… Aja!