Whoa! Time indeed flies…I have gone on hiatus (unintentionally!) for the past two months. I was feeling burnt out so I decided to take a few days vacation to rejuvenate and recharge. To my dismay... I felt even more tired after my vacation… It's crazy! So, I opted to take it slow, relax, and enjoy the... Continue Reading →

New York Tour continues! (2 of 2)

The small town girl's tour of  New York continues! Travelling for free is absolutely unimaginable... It's surreal! Whoa! Thank you so much to my sponsors... 😉 Lost? Below are the related blog entries' links that will help you keep on track... Read on! Errr... Click on? :p New York New York Tour (1 of 2)... Continue Reading →

New York Tour! (1 of 2)

Click here for a preview -> "New York" To be clear, this happened in 2012… Thus, expect that there are a lot of changes back then and now… I know…I know…  As usual, my post is late. :p Anyway, watching Broadway shows and a taste of New York night out were scrapped from our list... Continue Reading →

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