February 14, Valentine’s day…

If you want to know the history, search it from the Internet or watch from the TV shows… which is incidentally the “in” topic this month…

I find it weird why people are making such a big fuss with this so called “V Day”. I wonder if this is the only day wherein couples give each other a special surprise? Just saying! Don’t get me wrong,  I don’t want to sound like a bitter and pathetic old maid.  Although, I’m old but I’m not bitter and pathetic.  😉

As of this moment, my most memorable V Day so far happened few years ago… That’s when I received a bouquet of roses, a ring, and a note. And the catch? I did not give him anything at all.  :p  In a way, I considered what he gave me during V Day as a bonus because V Day for me is whenever I received tiny notes from him every now and then.

However, that’s all in the past.

Up until now, I still prefer handwritten letter or a short note rather than a text message, chat or email. Maybe I’m abnormal but I find the traditional method more appealing and romantic. :p  And to answer that lingering question at the back of your mind, yes, I’m single but my heart is taken. :p   

Anyway, I will spend the V Day with my friends this year. It’s another impromptu outing that often end up wherever our feet will lead us. Ha!

As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them! Let’s all feel the breeze… the love in the air… and the romantic atmosphere…

Happy Heart’s Day everyone!
Enjoy and careful, careful!
Love, love, love!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cheers!


During 4th grade, I got a 79 mark (I think it’s equivalent to C or C+ in  other grading system) in music. My mother was furious! Surprisingly, she’s not mad at me but with my teacher. My mother has so much faith in me and she thought that I don’t deserve the low mark.

Luckily, I managed to pacify her before she pursued her plan to met  up with  my teacher. I explained that I got a low score in one of the major activities that we had which eventually pulled down my grade in music.  You betcha! The singing activity was the culprit!

la la la la la…

Ok,  it’s not the singing activity… it’s me. :p  I did not give justice to the song because I was totally off-key. 😦 The song starts with this line -> “Hail beloved alma matter…”  I can remember that song better than my other school hymn which goes like this:

*** “Let’s all sing a song, gay and cheerful bursting forth in our young and joyous heart…” 

 *** “In a quiet peaceful barrio…

I’m not sure if they have already changed it. But it’s fun reminiscing those songs.  How about you? Can you still recall any of your school hymn?

Anyway, I love music but I can’t seem to shrug off my “phobia” in singing. To top it off, majority of my friends can sing. So, whenever we have a videoke get together party, I just watch from the sideline while they take turns in singing.  As a concession, I dance while they sing fast numbers. A good compromise eh? 😉

Hats off to those who can effortlessly sing! It’s not surprising for Filipinos to be known in the world as great singers.  This motivated me to improve my “talent” in singing. I took voice lessons and joined a choir.

For the choir, I was able to attend practice and join one performance. We did a couple of songs and dance routines. During the performance, I decided to do sing as softly as I could and concentrated on the dance routines.

One of my ultimate goal is to learn how to sing at least one song with the correct tune. I can do it!!!!!  :p