credit card… yey!

Few weeks ago, I’ve been wanting to shout to the world regarding the approval of my credit card application (with another bank, ha!)! However, I restrained myself and waited until I receive the card. And I finally got it yesterday! Yey!


Indeed, there’s a rainbow after the rain (see related article -> credit card  ).  So… What is my first purchase? It’s a 20-piece screw driver set from Canadian Tire!  I bought it online for my Dad.

Second purchase will be the domain name in which I’ve been eyeing on. I hope it’s still available though, it’s been months since I tried getting it using my credit card from the Philippines. It didn’t work out. According to the customer service officer’s email, the purchase got rejected because it’s “mandatory” for the shipper and credit card address to be the same. It’s crazy, but it’s true. I guess I should be happy with the tight security provided.

How about the third purchase? I don’t want to reveal that one. :p The goal now is to keep using my credit card in order to earn credit score and build my credit rating! Ha! And the most important part is to make sure that the bill will be settled before the due date.

Hmmmm… unfortunately, I can’t process my second and third purchase at this time because the wifi chose to be “drunk”. It’s practically “impaired”! Argh!

Gotta snooze now. Mmmmmwa!

o.f.w. journey (part 1 of 2)

I was planning to work in Qatar but it looks like it’s not part of God’s itinerary for me. I felt that he was whispering to me, “My child, stay in Singapore for the moment”.  And so I did.

And the story begins…

I chance upon my fellow GI (genuine ilokano) and “dabarkads” (a.k.a. friend), James Lee, when I went to do my clearance in my previous work. He mentioned that his sister is working somewhere in Singapore and pointed out that maybe I can try my luck there. He was kind enough to refer me to stay and share the rent in his sister’s place while looking for a job.

I quickly grabbed the opportunity without weighing the pros and cons. All I wanted at that time was to  bounce back from the terrible and chaotic event that transpired. Moreover, I did not ask for money from my family because I knew that they also have their own financial obligations to settle. My little savings back then was not enough but I was not even worried.

As I think about it now, God sent an angel to help me with regards to money matters. No wonder I was not worried!  God is indeed very good!  Hence, I booked my flight and went to that part of Singapore with just few clothes in my luggage and no laptop at all.  It’s like going to a battlefield without firearms. Ha!

Furthermore, I haven’t seen Joan (James Lee’s sister) in person and in photo. So I had no clue at all on how she looked like. After a three and a half hour flight, I took a taxi from the airport to Joan’s place. I was a bit apprehensive because I felt like we were traveling in the forest with the trees looming at me. I had goosebumps but I tried to maintain a relax facade.

I relaxed a bit when the taxi finally dropped me off at the entrance of a building. A couple were sitting at the entrance. The girl looked like James Lee’s female version so I presumed that she’s Joan… and I was right.   

After sharing the sumptuous meal that they have prepared, I unpacked my stuff and then Joan and Jessie (Joan’s boyfriend) showed me around and taught me how to get to one place to the other. It was a long weekend when I got there, thus, most shops were closed including the money changers.

FYI: Joyce lent me her laptop (isn’t she an angel?  ) and told me to send my resume to at least 1000 employers. According to her the trend there is to apply online and only shortlisted applicants will be called for an interview.

Within two months, I must find a job and as well as get my work pass approved within that span of time. A real big challenge ey?

To be continued in a jiffy…  :p