Hear ye! Hear ye!

It was brought to TheCuriousMe‘s attention that the “exordium” and “soul sisters” articles are well received (with a big bang!) in the other side of the world. Whoa! That’s totally mind-blowing!

On behalf of the Royalville Family, merci beaucoup!  😉

Moreover, I heard that someone  is inquiring about the etymology of the titles (and perhaps Royalville as well?). You will find out at the end of the article who that someone is. 😀

To be honest, this is not supposed to be divulged to maintain the mystery of Royalville and at the same time, minimize the birth of the growing numbers of copycats.

However, upon a prolix tête-è-tête with Majesty, the cryptic nitty-gritty of the most lionized words in the universe will now be disclosed.

Ready? Here you go:

Grandiouse (Royal)  Castle (Ville)

A Queen is addressed as Majesty.

Petite Majesty (literally!)

“Little” Fairy
(Trivia: Majesty’s moniker is Fairy. She was named Fairy because previously, she loves to wear “fairy” like outfits)

“Pocket sized” Beauty
(I’m sure you will agree that Majesty is the “Behemothic” Beauty)

“Beautylet” was deliberated for a long long long time.  Several other titles were cited  (in which I’m not going to reveal! ever!) but the X- factor is not present.  Thus, it was agreed upon that the jettisoned titles should be buried 6-feet under the ground. Digging is strictly prohibited!

Furthermore, you might notice that the names are all akin to Majesty. The reason? Well, she’s the Queen and the  three “LETS” are her daughters and sisters rolled into one. I’m not sure if there is such thing in the commoners’ world, but it does exist in Royalville.

However, “LETs” doesn’t necessarily connotes that they are “chuwariwaps”and stooges. Plus “bow” to every whims of the Queen. No Way, Jose!

In the Royalville Family, everyone has the right to voice out what they feel. If it is deemed necessary to revoke a decision made by Majesty, it will be done after careful analysis and due diligence.

One last note, efxaristo to Ms Melody Pacis for your constructive inquiry! We greatly appreciate it.

To the loyal Royalville fanatics, learn more about Majesty, Majestylet, Fairylet and Beautylet in the next articles.  Until then! Au Revoir! S ‘agapó̱!   😉

Majesty & Majestylet



soul sisters

The Royalville species’ characters can be likened to a “halo-halo”, a popular delicious Filipino dessert. (See Exordium to have a preview of Royalville)

A mouth-watering halo-halo comprises of:

  • goodies (suits Majesty’s colorful life)
  • crushed ice (matches Majestylet’s cool personality)
  • sugar (fits Fairylet’s sweet nature)
  • milk (goes with Beautylet’s upbeat attitude)

The abovementioned ingredients should be complete in order to have a delectable halo-halo. Like the halo-halo, the Royalville ilks bring out the stupendous facet of each other’s magnetism by being together. Their souls are intertwined that wherever they are, the connection can undeniably be felt.

Here’s a quick look of the Royalville Family:


  • Mother of the Royalville.
  • Queen of all Queens (sorry Queen E.).
  • With her regal look and posture, she’s absolutely to die for! She can pull off any outfit like a Holywood Celebrity… and I must say, she does it even better!

Prominent Feature: Voluptuous Figure
Skill: Wearing 5-inch high-heeled shoes
Interest: Shopping signature items
Big No No: Unfabulous Creatures


  • Daughterlet of the Future King of Royalville
  • She has a classic and elegant fashion sense and carries it with a punk attitude.
  • Fate designated her as Majesty’s Love Earth Angel whether she likes it or not.

Prominent Feature: Petite Frame
Skill: Giggling
Interest: Writing unfathomable articles
Big No No: Hypocrites


  • Sleeping Fairylet of Royalville
  • She loves taking a nap, anywhere and everywhere.
  • She initially wanted to become a nun but decided to postpone(?) it… and maybe eventually marry?

Prominent Feature:  “Koreana” Eyes
Skill: Sleeping
Interest: Talking on the phone with that mysterious and extremely soft voice.
Big No No: Back fighters


  • Snow White Beautylet of Royalville.
  • She’s the youngest and newest member of the Royalville.
  • She certainly can’t go out without  make up.
  • She loves to pick up Majestylet at the Airport all the time.

Prominent Feature:  “Coupon Bond” Skin Color
Skill: Folding clothes like they’re freshly pressed
Interest: Reading Twilight books.
Big No No: Liars

Want to get to know them in detail? Look out for the next articles about the Royalville Family… Until then! 🙂