Virginia Getaway

As promised, here’s the continuation of my Virginia getaway…
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Ever heard of a landfill site (a.k.a. waste/ garbage dump) being reused and converted into a park? That’s Mount Trashmore Park in Virginia! Can you believe that? Hmmm…. I wonder if that can be adapted in the Philippines… Transforming Smokey Mountain into a park or some sort of tourist attraction… Knock knock PNoy… Watcha think? 😉

Moving on, let’s have a quick tour on some of the tourist spots in Virginia :

Mount Trashmore Park
*** Whoever thought of converting this landfill site into a park was a genius!

Garbage Mountain -Virginia US 2012 - 828 Garbage Mountain -Virginia US 2012 - 812
Garbage Mountain -Virginia US 2012 - 818 Garbage Mountain -Virginia  US 2012 - 813

Virginia Beach Christmas Lights
*** I had a grand time looking at the Christmas lights. It made me feel right at home… if you didn’t know, Filipinos have a thing for Christmas lights.

Virginia Beach Christmas Lights - US 2012 - 057
it would be great if I have a car like this. 😀
Virginia Beach Christmas Lights - US 2012 - 046

Virginia Beach Christmas Lights - US 2012 - 033
it looked like a sinking ship…
Virginia Beach Christmas Lights -

*** It’s an excellent place to de-stress and chillax… So peaceful…

nauticus - Virginia US 2012 - 808 nauticus - Virginia US 2012 - 802
nauticus - Virginia US 2012 - 772 nauticus - Virginia US 2012 - 807
nauticus - Virginia US 2012 - 789 nauticus - Virginia US 2012 - 805

nauticus - Virginia - awkwardly copying the mermaid pose US 2012 - 776
awkwardly copying the mermaid’s pose….
nauticus - Virginia US 2012 - 786

I was extremely delighted to visit these wonderful places. Hmmm…. Where to next? 😉

To my relatives (Ate Pat & family, Auntie Sion, Kuya Freddie, Vilmor, Raymond, and Reichelle) in Virginia, thank you so much for the warm hospitality!

james yap

James Yap was awarded Most Valuable Player (MVP) twice in the Philippine Basketball Association and he is said to be the highest paid basketball player in the Philippines (2010).

He is married to Kris Aquino, the controversy magnet and dubbed as Philippine’s Queen of all Media as well as the youngest sister ofPNoy (click here to read PNoy entry) and the daughter of two Philippine Icons, Ninoy and Cory Aquino.

With the circus environment they were in, is it a big surprise that they had a chaotic marriage? The very rocky 5-year marriage finally took its last bow this year (2010) and annulment is now in process. Whew! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against the widely known couple. In fact, I admire James and I like Kris.

Kris is very transparent and she handles the intrigues with ease. Whether people like her or not, whatever she says or do seem to captivate the whole country (if not the whole world).

I’m pretty sure that she will have a lot of expose if she run as a Congressman in the Philippines . Ha! That would be a “major major” news.  Corrupt officials will be in a panic mode and ready to dive under their mothers’ skirt.

Going back to James Yap… You might be wondering why the heck I’m talking about the famous couple most especially this heartthrob cager? Well, like what I mentioned earlier, I admire him. He has the knack of separating his personal issues from his work as a professional basketball player.He excellently played on the court and even managed to clinched his second MVP title despite the controversies and difficulties in his marriage.

Some people mess up with things and blame the unexpected circumstances for the poor result. Also, often times, people tend to come up with several excuses whenever something did not turn out the way they want it to be like blaming the traffic if they are late for work.

I was pondering about this when I was reviewing for my exam. There was a heavy drilling next to our building. As a result, I can’t concentrate and the sound gave me a throbbing headache. To top it off, I’ve been the sounding board for family and work related problems. At the back of my mind, I was already making excuses that if i will not pass the exam, it’s that terrible drilling’s fault and the problems that were poured on me non stop.

Then I realized that I should get a grip of myself and learn from James Yap.  James Yap was able to conquer the hard court with finesse despite the circumstances that he was in. I don’t know how he did it, but he did it!

No matter what, if James Yap can, why can’t we? Aja!


When I first heard the word “PNoy” I thought it’s a shortcut word for “PINOY”. PINOY (a.k.a. Filipino) is a local term for the citizens of the Philippines or anyone with Filipino roots. I came across the true meaning of “PNoy” when I was keeping myself updated (via online) with the inauguration of the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines (RP) last 30 June 2010.

PNoy means President Noynoy (a.k.a. Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III). I find it cool and funky. The media are still debating on how to spell it (PNoy, P.Noy, P-Noy, or P Noy). Whatever they have decided, I chose PNoy.

With the new RP President in place, people around the world are very optimistic that the country’s economy will soar high like an eagle and corruption will be minimized, if not eradicated. Let’s be realistic though, the problems in RP is as high as Mount Everest. These cannot all be solved during the six (6) year term of PNoy.

However, if Filipinos work hand in hand with the new administration and continuously take baby steps, these can be cut down to the size of the smallest mountain in the world (Mount Wycheproof). It’s a feat, but it’s worth the effort.

Of course, itchy tongues will always be there because people love to talk and criticize. A self reflection and optimistic attitude would be great instead of bombarding PNoy’s administration with tongue lashing criticisms.

Here’s a good question to ponder on, “Have I done my part as a responsible Filipino?”; that’s aside from blabbering of course. It’s a given fact that constructive criticisms are helpful but without action, it’s useless.

Lets do our share.

Let’s not put to waste the great efforts done during the first computerized elections. It maybe hounded with controversies and some technical glitch, but Filipinos patiently waited for their turn under the scorching heat of the sun just to exercise their right to vote.

On the other hand, PNoy also need to shed light to the pertinent matters that are being hurled against him especially the Hacienda Luisita issues. Maybe the truth commission can help on this?

Long live PNoy! Aja!