student life

Being a student is undeniably one of the most exciting moment in a person’s life. It is similar to having a roller coaster ride with several loops on the side.  Ups and downs with matching 360 degree turn are part and parcel of the students’ life. Lectures, discussion, quizzes, examination, homework, group activities, extra curricular activities, and even cat fights and school rumble are the gist of being a student.

Also, not to forget the following:

  • burst of laughters
  • uncontrollable tears
  • squabbles
  • endless chatting (a.k.a. chikahan) and teasing

Moving forward, below were the unforgettable memories in my life as a student:
Out of the blue, my classmate, C, kissed me on the cheeks. I burst into tears and cried loudly. I don’t know if he still remembers it, but I still do. He was a cutie then, I wonder how he looks like now. Hmmm…..

When we were about to be spanked with a stick (punishment for not bringing our garden tool) by our teacher, we ran away from him.

Secondary (High School)
Some of the boys in the senior class went to our room and started attacking one of our classmate. Whoa! It’s a total rumble! Chairs were literally flying and it’s a real showdown of skinny boys. (See related article –> high school )

I was walking towards our department building when I witnessed a lover’s quarrel. The girl threw the engagement ring with all the emotions that you can imagine in the school owner’s fish pond.
I frozed and the quickly went back to the building where I came from.

I used to be a perennial latecomer especially in my first subject (8a.m.) which was then handled by the President of the University. Nevertheless, I still got a high grade and one of my classmates whined about it because he’s always early and he got a lower grade.

Post Graduate Course
Our lecturer team me up with a German lady and Austrian guy in a group activity. The German lady acted like she’s well verse with the topic and monopolized the discussion. The Austrian guy was just nodding his head and then asked for my opinion.

Although I was tongue tied for a bit, I did manage to give my brief but concise opinion (with a smile) which was absolutely contradictory to what the German lady was saying.

Doctorate (PhD)
Shali and I was heavily scolded by the Dean of the Graduate College because we did not attend the Qualifying Exam on the “scheduled date”. It was a shocker and weird because we both saw that the schedule should be the next day.

We were finally allowed to take the exam after being grilled. I decided not to continue my PhD after passing the Qualifying Exam. :p

A mischievous smile lights up my face whenever I reminisce my student life. I can say that I’ve been naughty and nice? 😀


Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine’s national hero, once said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Writing is absolutely a powerful tool in getting the message across to a wider group range. If not for Mrs. Mila Julaila, my English teacher in primary school, I would have never discovered my “talent” in writing.

Being chosen to represent our school for an inter school letter writing competition helped a great deal in cultivating my passion for writing. Our school principal, Mr. Edilberto Aricheta, supervised my training and also gave interesting tips to enhance “my so called writing skill”.

I was thrilled because it was my first time to join such contest but a bit nervous because I heard that most of the contestants were “veterans” (a.k.a. old timers). I did clinch the second spot and there were over 20 participants from different schools. Not bad for a first timer eh?

I never thought that it’s a historical moment for our school. If I remember it right, in any of the competition that they have joined, it’s the first time that the school landed in the top 2. The school officials and teachers were very happy because we were able to beat some of the “elite” schools.

The next year, they asked me to compete in the news writing category. I managed to land on the 5th spot with over 20 participants. I think newswriting is not my thing. Hmmm…

I did put into practice my passion for writing by doing a daily prayer journal during my high school days. After two or three years, I stopped. It’s only when I was contemplating to set up my own site when I started writing again and that was last year 2009. I’ve accumulated a couple of articles which I’ve already posted in this site ( For some topics, I’m still working on it and I will share it once it’s done.

I noticed that majority of the articles found in the different personal sites tend to become an outlet to “vent out” frustrations. In my point of view, most of it emits negative elements. Hence to neutralize this, my ultimate goal is to “radiate” positive energy in every article I write and post in this site.

I’m not a high caliber writer but I hope the readers will feel at least a bit of that positive energy and be a good energy boost to bounce back and move on with life. I know I have a long way to go. And I’m determined to take the baby steps and work towards the goal!

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