I woke up this morning feeling awful… I had a terrible “nightmare”.  The weather didn’t help either… It’s so cloudy and drizzling.  It made feel more down than ever. Sigh… Ok, I’ll stop whining. :p

Going back to the terrible nightmare… it was something to do with the  person close to my former special someone.  In my dream, that person was asking if I’m alright and if I have already moved on. I can’t remember the rest but the impact of that dream is absolutely mind-blowing and heart breaking.

I was disconcerted when I woke up because I thought it was real. O_O I did some soul searching when I was on my way to work and one thing that hit me most is, people tend to forget the following things when things get sour:

  • Whether in friendship or in a relationship, a good closure is very critical in order to “healthily” move on and have a peace of mind.

  • If the person involved doesn’t want to accept the closure, be considerate. Give that person a time in order to digest things. In my point of view, one month is more than enough. However, be firm with the decision to end things.

  • If things get out of hand and the other person becomes absolutely unreasonable and turns into a “wacko” (see related article -> prison cell), ask help from the Police.

  • To move forward in a flash, cut all possible communication with that person. It can be email, chat, text/sms, phone call or even with that person’s closest friends.

  • For work related issues such as quitting from a  job, it’s always recommended not to burn bridges.

And most of all, have a heart to heart talk with Big Bro!

end of the road

Have I moved on? YES.
Since when? After it ended.

How about you? :p

prison cell

Numb… hurt… nowhere to go…
… or to put it simply, your is life turned upside down…

No big deal..

Brokenhearted is out of the question…It’s more of longing to quit from the relationship before it even reach one month… The catch? You were led to believe a fabricated tale which kept you stranded in the world of oblivion.
The story started when Wacko spotted Maji in a pond where a large group of fish convene. Wacko claims to be struck by cupid with the “love at first sight” arrow… thus, he was determined to pursue Maji.

Maji was hurting at that time because of an encounter with an exceedingly harmful whale.
After few months of nursing pain, Maji gave Wacko a chance and later on they became an item. In a week or so, she noticed that something seems to be not right with him and with the relationship.

Maji realized that Wacko was full of hang ups and seem to be suffering from psychological imbalance. It suddenly hit her that she felt pity not love… hence, that convinced her to slowly end the relationship. Wacko sense Maji’s aloofness so he made up more lies and even threatened her that he will take his life if they break up. Maji was torn and at a loss on how to deal with the situation and it was pretty obvious that the relationship was going nowhere.

Maji hoped that Wacko will fall in love with another creature so that that he will be the one quitting from the toxic relationship… but it did not happen. She finally decided to end the relationship when she reached her patience maximum level. The scary part was, she nearly lost her life and people close to her also suffered because of Wacko’s made up “drama”.

The tumultuous events that Wacko caused pushed Maji to the wall… She pretended to be strong on the outside, but innerly crying her heart out. Good thing her family and friends especially KD and MM were always there for her. They helped her recuperate and move forward with her life.
Most of all, Maji is grateful to the One Above for the “second life” that He gave her.
Aja Maji!

Think about these:
Love is not equal to pity.

If you want to end the relationship but you are scared you will hurt the other person… think about the pain inflicted not only to you but also to the other person will build surely build if you kept delaying it.

Time is essential. Don’t deprive him and yourself the chance to find “true happiness”.
*** By not quitting soon, the time spent to be with your “true love” is lessened.

The clock is ticking.