East Coast

East Coast  is definitely an excellent place to detoxify in Singapore after a long and taxing work week. It helps clear the mind and pacify the restless spirit.

Although, I don’t know how to swim (click here to understand why), I still love to hang out in places that reunites the land and bodies of water. Whatever that is. :p

Aside from watching people and staring blankly in the horizon (click here to read “Boat Quay” article), I’ve done some cool activities in East Coast that I don’t normally do. Check it out:

  • Drink a bottle Heineken or Tiger beer and eat a bag of chips and fruits while watching the sunset
  • Roller blades (I learned by watching YouTube videos. -_-)

i can stand! LOL

i can do it! 😀
  • Jog at the crack of dawn

  • Bike

In this side of the world, the good spot that I could think of is Lake Louise (click here to read road trip article) but it’s too far from Toon City. I need to find my official “stress reliever spot” near or within Toon City.

Once the winter season is over, I might check out some places. Any suggestions?


roller blades

My fascination with roller blades started after watching the movie Cutting Edge. I just got the nerve to try it out last 2008 and stopped first quarter of 2010. At first I rented the roller blades twice and when I chance upon a sale item, I immediately bought a pair!

Learning roller blades was not an easy endeavor especially if the process of learning is through YouTube videos instead of attending a formal training. :p It’s unconventional but that’s how I did it.  I practiced the moves that I saw in YouTube at the grassy section of the East Coast Park (Singapore) near the beach. After I get the hang of it, that’s the time I moved to the cemented path.

Falling and colliding with kids cycling scared the hell out of me. I feel ecstatic though when I managed to glide 0.5 kilometer without a glitch. It’s both terrifiying and exhilarating experience!

In the process, I accumulated several souvenir scars. Good thing the bruises disappeared or else I would look like a human punching bag. -_-  It’s been quite sometime since I used my roller blades. I need to get accustomed to it again before I can glide on my own. I hope I can find someone who can teach me the correct moves.

Until then! Aja! :p