There is an extraordinary species recently discovered by pool of experts & was established rare from having a very small number of constituents in the universe. And this species lives in a place called Royalville! ” – Majesty
Royalville has no beginning and no end. One can never fathom the intricacies of this monarchy unless that creature is gifted with explicit acumen to decipher byzantine mortals.

Gossipmongers have endless fascination with the Royalville ilks. Thirst for updates and clamor to be part of the monarchy is absolutely tremendous and overwhelming. Too bad, one should pass through a needle inorder to be accepted.

What makes the bond sturdy? The “royals” are blithe species and take things in stride. Privacy is given much importance and they respect each others views, “rituals”, quirks and tantrums.

They love to pester and become each other’s devil’s advocate. Thus, it’s inevitable that some statements will throw them off and make them feel bad. Yes, they also get piqued from time to time.

However, donnybrooks are elucidated after the heavy storm. There might be enmity but it doesn’t last long. It’s easily forgotten and can become one of the funny topics during a light repartee.

So, what makes the enigmatic Royalville kins Majesty, Majestylet and Fairylet tick? Find out in a bit. 😉

Majestylet, Fairylet & Majesty

nose bridge

I went to Mocha Blends for a chillaxin’ night out together with my Royalville friends plus a commoner (no pun intended). As usual, the moment we entered the place, it elicited attention. It still makes me wonder why people seemed to be drawn on us (whether they like it or not). It must be the ineffable aura and magnetism that each Royalville members possess. Uhmmm…

Nevertheless, this magnetic aura though has pros and cons. The following are the major ones (in my point of view that is…):

  • PROS: limelight
    narcissistic creatures yearns badly for the spotlight
  • CONS: disaster
    it’s nerve racking especially if you’re longing to be incognito and be invisible

Anyhow, the “exciting” moment that transpired in Mocha Blends made me yearn to be invisible. I was on my way to our table when I saw Majesty walking near the entrance with a funny and troubled expression on her face. I was too engrossed looking at her when my nose suddenly bumped (with a loud bang!) into the glass wall right beside the main entrance.

I don’t know if this is due to the fact that I got used to doors that automatically opens when you’re approaching or it’s just out of sheer stupidity or both.  Whatever it is, it hurts like hell! The good side? My nose is real! No silicon or whatnot. Or else, the silicon could have been “shattered” or “dislocated” due to  the great impact of the bump. Whoa!

Though, I can still feel the pain and there’s a visible small bruise on my nose, I’m perfectly alright. Thank God!   Nevertheless, that incident made me realize that I have a little bridge which makes my nose not totally flat after all.  :p

So, shall I say, viva to people with “original” nose? Hmmmm…. That’s the way I like it, aha aha!  Aja!