James is my 6-year old adorable and quickwitted nephew who taught me how to play beyblade, Wii, and Xbox. He also wanted to teach me how to play Bakugan but I kept giving excuses. :p

james & pinky

In any case, below are some of his cute funny moments:

Credit Card
James: Mom, can I borrow your credit card?
Mom: Why James? What do you need it for?
James: I want to buy toys for free.
Mom: What do you mean for free?
James: Because if you use a credit card, you don’t spend money. You just swipe the card! You should use it more often Mom.

Can you believe it? He already had that concept at such a young age. omg!
Note: It was later on explained to him that the credit card is paid through the bank.

James: Hey Tita, why are you always using your phone?
Tita (TheCuriousMe): Because you’re always using my laptop James. I’m using my phone to surf the internet, chat, browse facebook, listen to music, watch videos, and write articles for my site.
James: Is it a phone laptop?
Me (TheCuriousMe): Yes James.

James stopped talking and was in deep thought for a moment. Then he suddenly grab his Nintendo DS and dash off to the bathroom. Maybe to internalize how “phone laptop” works. I’m sure he will figure it out when he’s few years older.

Me: James, will you be in Grade 5 next school year?
James: No, I will be in Grade 2.
(Note: He’s currently in Grade 1.)

Me: How come? Can’t you choose? What if you want to be in Grade 6?
James: That can’t be. I need to pass through grade by grade.
(Note: His expression is really serious and he sounds like we are discussing a very crucial topic)

I just smiled. Another lesson from James eh? To sum it up, we can never climb Mount Everest in just one day. We can never move a mountain with one push. There’s no shortcut. It should be taken one step at a time. Aja!

Moreover, one thing that he can’t live without is Pinky! It’s a pink stuff toy that was bought before he was born. His Mom thought she will give birth to a baby girl but it turned out that it’s a boy! Sans James and Pinky are like twins, simply inseparable!

That’s my nephew, James. Isn’t he adorable?

beyblade tournament

Finally, it’s the day of the tournament. My nephew (James) woke up so early and I can hear him running around the house while chattering endlessly. He kept reminding us that the tournament is at noon and we should not be late. James’ parents were a bit anxious because he is a pampered kid and he is not yet comfortable in graciously accepting defeat.

The moment has come… together with his Grandma, Dad, and his Mom, we all went to give him moral support. James’ parents kept emphasizing that he can’t always win and losing is part of the game. As we gather in his school’s gymnasium, the venue of the tournament, the participants’ were all bubbly and the energy level is extremely high. I felt like I’m watching a game in the Olympics.

beyblade tournament

 The game started. James needs to win three rounds in order to qualify for the finals. From the looks of it, we’re more nervous than him. After a few minutes, the first round is over. We all heaved a sigh of relief when he won the first round. Another competitor was selected and he’s ready for the second round. We were all crossing our fingers for him.

During second round, James’ beyblade kept on bouncing out from the stadium (that also  happened when we were having beyblade battle and he said it’s not counted). After the second round ended, my nephew went to our area silently crying. He lost. Reason? His beyblade kept bouncing out from the stadium. (Whoa! I should have won in our beyblade battle then. :p )

Sigh. My heart bleeds for my nephew. It’s my first time to see him cry. Geez. His Mom was hugging him and whispering to him that he did well on the first round and what matters most is joining the tournament. My nephew was nursing a broken heart when we left him at the tournament venue. Later, when we went to fetch him after his class, he loudly blurted out “I’m over myself now” while giggling! O_O  Whew! He recovered fast than most of us could! :p

Life bites sometimes to keep us grounded. Aja!


During 4th grade, I got a 79 mark (I think it’s equivalent to C or C+ in  other grading system) in music. My mother was furious! Surprisingly, she’s not mad at me but with my teacher. My mother has so much faith in me and she thought that I don’t deserve the low mark.

Luckily, I managed to pacify her before she pursued her plan to met  up with  my teacher. I explained that I got a low score in one of the major activities that we had which eventually pulled down my grade in music.  You betcha! The singing activity was the culprit!

la la la la la…

Ok,  it’s not the singing activity… it’s me. :p  I did not give justice to the song because I was totally off-key. 😦 The song starts with this line -> “Hail beloved alma matter…”  I can remember that song better than my other school hymn which goes like this:

*** “Let’s all sing a song, gay and cheerful bursting forth in our young and joyous heart…” 

 *** “In a quiet peaceful barrio…

I’m not sure if they have already changed it. But it’s fun reminiscing those songs.  How about you? Can you still recall any of your school hymn?

Anyway, I love music but I can’t seem to shrug off my “phobia” in singing. To top it off, majority of my friends can sing. So, whenever we have a videoke get together party, I just watch from the sideline while they take turns in singing.  As a concession, I dance while they sing fast numbers. A good compromise eh? 😉

Hats off to those who can effortlessly sing! It’s not surprising for Filipinos to be known in the world as great singers.  This motivated me to improve my “talent” in singing. I took voice lessons and joined a choir.

For the choir, I was able to attend practice and join one performance. We did a couple of songs and dance routines. During the performance, I decided to do sing as softly as I could and concentrated on the dance routines.

One of my ultimate goal is to learn how to sing at least one song with the correct tune. I can do it!!!!!  :p



During my first day in my second work, my veteran colleagues warned me about the three “notorious” freshmen (TNF) students who were turning the department’s world upside down. My colleagues reiterated that they were bullies, irregular attendance to classes, cut classes, etc. In short, the TNF were teachers’ enemy number 1 ( errr… should I say 3? :p).

The “nasty” things that I’ve heard made me extremely curious because from my observation, they seem to exude angelic aura beneath that punk exterior. (I wonder how they would react when they read this. :D)

At any rate, I’ve always believed that no matter how “bad” a person portrays himself in the society, there’s a good side either hidden on purpose or waiting to be discovered and cultivated. With this in mind, I deliberately assigned them to be the leaders in group activities; be “security and peace officers” to make sure that the class was not in chaos when I needed to attend meetings; encouraged them to actively participate in school activities; and motivated them to get involve with other things that people think they don’t normally do.

They were hesitant and uneasy at first. With constant urging, they were slowly coming out from their self-built shell. What puzzled me was why the others seem to ignore their great potential. The TNF were bright students who were in need of guidance and understanding not constant reprimanding and nagging.

It’s a pity that they stopped going to school. Although it’s not frequent, I still keep in touch with one of them who eventually became one of my closest friends. As for the other two, I haven’t heard from them for ages.

I’ve always had a complete trust in them (up until now) and it’s my fervent wish for them to finish their studies and climb the ladder of success.