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I cut the Saranghae Korea! into different links. I separated each Korean TV Series to give way to Leila’s request. She wanted to comment on separate TV Series. I think it’s a very good suggestion because it made the article more organized and “clean”.  Thanks Leila!  By the way, check out her newly set up blog site -> Vaindulgence

Have fun reading everyone! More articles will be posted in a flash!  Saranghae!

thecuriousme 🙂

Hearts of 19

Hearts of 19

I saw this series being shown in Singapore and I got captivated! I admire the female lead’s “never say die” attitude. Incidentally, she’s also the female lead in Boys Over Flowers. I admit that triggered me to watch the show. 🙂

I can’t say much since I haven’t finished it yet. Nevertheless, I’m loving it to the maximum level!

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My Lovely Samsoon

My Lovely Samsoon

This is another good show for unattached individuals who are chubby and with a very odd name which is “unacceptable” in the society. I fit the bill for being single and fat. Well, my name is unique and strange… but i love it! :p

The series also emphasized that being vocal is an asset. Know what you want, voice out how you feel and fight for your rights!

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This made me stop and ponder on things. It truly hits home!

Whether we admit it or not, we all want to meet our soulmate. There are relationships that are not meant to be, no matter hard you try to make it work. Tragic but it’s reality. Accept the inevitable and move forward. It’s such a waste to live a pathetic life. :p

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Marry Me

Marry Me

It’s a story about an old spinster (a.k.a. old maid) who wants to get married badly. This series kept me glued for two reasons:

  1. The male lead is so cute (he’s also one of the characters in the Boys Over Flowers)
  2. I can relate well to the story because I’m also an old maid. LOL I also want to get married but for the right reasons, otherwise, I’d rather stay single. Ha!

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I Really Really Like You

I Really Really Like You

At first, I don’t like the plot of this series including the title (it’s corny!) but after watching few episodes, I finally find it appealing.  The male lead is very charming and has an endearing hilarious antics.  The way the male and female leads tried so hard to avoid the love that they feel for each other makes me think of some people I know. Indenial stage eh?

Also, this series made cooking an interesting and artistic undertaking as well as provided helpful tips and tricks.

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Bad Couple

Bad Love

It’s kinda weird because the female lead’s plan to have a child without a husband coincide with mine. Hush hush! I even sent a text message to my prospective “donor” two (2) years ago. We did not yet talk about it. I think he’s ignoring it on purpose. I wonder why.  Maybe… Just maybe… He has something else in mind that I will know soon? Or it’s just my wild imagination?

Hmmm… Whatever it is, he has still six (6) months to think things over. You know who you are. Ha! If I don’t receive a reply after that period, I will resort to plan B. :p

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Saranghae Korea!

Aneong Ha Sae Yo! (Hello!)

As promised in my previous article (Korean Aficionado), below are the Korean TV Series that I’ve watched for the past two (2) months.  You may click the links to view:

Note: I prefer watching the original series with subtitles than the “Tagalogized” (dubbed in Tagalog) version.

I’ve also watched Boys Over Flower (multiple times!), Coffee Prince, Sassy Girl, Temptation of a Wife,  Full House, Baker King (partial)  and… I forgot the others. I plead guilty. I’m a sucker for Korean TV Series and reached the point of becoming proficient in the art of reading subtitles!

iPhone crunchyroll app provided a convenient way to watch Korean shows whenever and wherever. Thanks much Steve Jobs and the Apple people for developing the iPhone!  I hope the Flash Player issue will be sorted out soon so that I can watch more. Ha!

As for the Hearts of 19, it’s not yet in the crunchyroll so I have to watch it in mysoju.com. I hope the crunchyroll guys will soon add it in their list. Wheey! Time to stop! This blog entry has gotten way too loooooooong! :p

See you all in a bit! Saranghae (I love you)! Aja!


beyblade tournament

Finally, it’s the day of the tournament. My nephew (James) woke up so early and I can hear him running around the house while chattering endlessly. He kept reminding us that the tournament is at noon and we should not be late. James’ parents were a bit anxious because he is a pampered kid and he is not yet comfortable in graciously accepting defeat.

The moment has come… together with his Grandma, Dad, and his Mom, we all went to give him moral support. James’ parents kept emphasizing that he can’t always win and losing is part of the game. As we gather in his school’s gymnasium, the venue of the tournament, the participants’ were all bubbly and the energy level is extremely high. I felt like I’m watching a game in the Olympics.

beyblade tournament

 The game started. James needs to win three rounds in order to qualify for the finals. From the looks of it, we’re more nervous than him. After a few minutes, the first round is over. We all heaved a sigh of relief when he won the first round. Another competitor was selected and he’s ready for the second round. We were all crossing our fingers for him.

During second round, James’ beyblade kept on bouncing out from the stadium (that also  happened when we were having beyblade battle and he said it’s not counted). After the second round ended, my nephew went to our area silently crying. He lost. Reason? His beyblade kept bouncing out from the stadium. (Whoa! I should have won in our beyblade battle then. :p )

Sigh. My heart bleeds for my nephew. It’s my first time to see him cry. Geez. His Mom was hugging him and whispering to him that he did well on the first round and what matters most is joining the tournament. My nephew was nursing a broken heart when we left him at the tournament venue. Later, when we went to fetch him after his class, he loudly blurted out “I’m over myself now” while giggling! O_O  Whew! He recovered fast than most of us could! :p

Life bites sometimes to keep us grounded. Aja!

pole dancing

Out of the blue, two friends (Pam and Ajo) from my previous work invited me for an impromptu get-together. They wanted to buy drinks as their birthday treat for me. It was a big surprise because I didn’t realize that they’re also in Singapore.

I was deeply touched and agreed to meet them after work. At first, we had no idea where to go, so we just kept on walking while looking for a cool place to chill. We saw a couple of interesting bars and bumped into a number of gorgeous “ang mohs” (a.k.a. Caucasians). The guys were feast for the eyes!

After almost an hour of wandering, we finally settled at a place where there’s a pole dancing. The show was decent in a way because the girls were clad in a short shorts and a blouse. So, it’s not the usual “for the boys only” thingy and there were other several ladies watching as well.

While watching them, I can’t help but compare them with Rochelle Pangilinan and Aira Bermudez, members of the Sexbomb Girls (a famous dance group in the Philippines). Rochelle and Aira were definitely far better than those doing the pole dance. Just saying! :p

The place was excellent for “chillaxin” (coined word for chill and relaxing). It was not too crowded and the people were not rowdy. We enjoyed a couple of drinks while concocting stories about the crowd’s reaction and the way the “show girls” dance. Most of all, we had a great time reminiscing the past and catching up with the latest news about work and personal life.

It was one of the memorable night outs that I’ve ever had. Considering that I don’t go out often. Thanks Pam and Ajo! I had a blast! 😀

I wonder if I can do a pole dance in this lifetime? Hmmm… In my dreams perhaps? 😉 We’ll never know. Sometimes, dreams do come true. Aja! :p


TheSoulfulVixen and I were talking a few days ago about one of her favorite television show called Outsourced. I gamely viewed the links she gave me thinking that it’s just a common comedy flick that we normally see on the tube… You know… the usual boring ones… :p Surprisingly, the show proved to be totally hilarious!

That brought me down towards the memory lane and made me remember two similar scenarios in my previous work.

Setting: I was seated next to Jay, one of my colleagues, when I heard him raise his voice while talking on the phone.

Below were the two scenarios that transpired:

Scenario 1:
Jay called the office in Hyderabad, India to discuss some business related issues.
He caught my attention when he slightly raised his voice and he suddenly used Indian accent while conversing with the Indian fellow on the other line. I was doing my best to suppress a loud laugh while staring at him. He did it in a very suave manner that he sounded like an Indian. Whoa! Jay’s absolutely amazing!

After the call, I asked what prompted him to do that and Jay said he was somewhat offended when the guy from India told him that he cannot understand him because his (Jay’s) accent was so thick. Thus, Jay mimicked him instead of getting mad at the Indian guy and certainly, the conversation went smoothly.

Smart move Jay!

Just a thought… if the Indian guy thinks that Jay’s accent was so thick, how does he describe his own accent then? Oppsie! No pun intended!  

Scenario 2:
Jay transferred a call to Hyderabad, India. Of course, whether in a personal or a business call, It’s the protocol to know the name of the person that you are speaking with.

The conversation went like this:

Pretty:  Thank you for calling, my name is Pretty. How may I help you today?
Jay:         Hi, I’m Jay from _______. Sorry, your name again?
Pretty:  Hi Jay, my name is Pretty.
Jay:         Sorry, can you spell it for me?
Pretty:  P for Panama
R for Rome
E for England
T for Thailand
T for Thailand
Y for Yuguslavia

Jay:        Oh! Are you Pretty?
Pretty:  Yes Jay, I’m Pretty.

hiding my laughter…:p

I was laughing so hard while listening to their conversation.
I still burst into soft giggle whenever I remember the above scenarios. Ha!

Way to go Jay! Aja!