virus attack

2014… A New Year… A new list of resolutions to fulfill or to ignore… 😉 It can always be carried forward to another year right…? 🙂

Part of my goal was to welcome the New Year with a flood of blog entries, posted one after the other.  Little did I know, I would be hit with a nasty virus… my throat hurt like hell from the incessant coughing, it was so painful that even eating an orange was an ordeal. 😦

To top it off, I lost my voice and I was nearly hospitalized due to an incredibly high fever (almost 104 degrees fahrenheit). Thank God for my guardian angels’ (Jellybean and Jellybean’s Mom) help, the fever went down. I didn’t go to work for 3 days and I was informed that for cases like this, it typically takes 3-4 weeks for a full recovery.

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I went to see a doctor at the walk in clinic, and she prescribed some medicine to help with my cough… but it caused terrible side-effects form me. I got high; I felt like I was floating and couldn’t stop giggling (pretty much like the photo below courtesy of yourdailysource.netf) … it was terrifying. I decided to stop taking that “horrific” medicine and opted for the regular and over the counter medication (Vicks, Advil and Benadryl).

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I guess it’s partially my fault… Late in 2013 around Christmas, I started having trouble breathing but I ignored it and continued going to work. I’ve always been a workaholic; working long hours and pushed myself to the limit. And truly, I suffered the consequences.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned from this is to take care of myself better, exercise regularly, cutting out the extra hours spent at the office, and improve my work-life balance… A challenging task for a workaholic me…

Be careful folks… balance is the key… As they say, health is wealth! 😉

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sick & slow

I know I’ve been posting several quotes lately and I’ve been brooding over on several in-progress articles. I guess, I lost the drive when the seller did not allow me to purchase the domain name that I wanted for my website “update” (see related article-> credit card… yey!).

Aside from not having the momentum to finish the pending articles, I have also been under the weather for the past few days. It’s my first time to shiver uncontrollably while I was at work! Whew! I felt like I was about to collapse, hence, I went home early . Darn! I really hate being weak and getting sick.

I drank a humungous amount of gatorade and ginger ale just to keep me going. Not to mention the numerous biogesic, neozep, ginseng, multivitamins, iron, b3, b12, caltrate, d, c, and magnesium that I took subsequently. Yeah, I was out of my mind… I just wanted to regain my strength and get better as soon as possible.

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Anyway, I’m back and bubbly as ever! I’m absolutely excited with my blog site update. I’ll be working on it this next few days, clean up my checklist, and hopefully “launch” it by September.

It will be in a new home… a new name… and a new design… For those who followed  intensely, don’t worry, it will still exist… in a way  … Just watch out!  It will evolve into a totally “chaotic” site that reflects the crazy side of me! :p

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