The group “kitchen” tent was already set-up in the middle of the campsite when we arrived. I thought it might be a good idea to station “my tent” near the food section. What ya think? *wink* *wink*


Furthermore, Baby JC was kind enough to lend and help me set up the camping paraphernalia. I was super excited because I had the most unique and coolest tent in the whole campsite! It’s a vavaboom, old-school tent! Rock and roll!


the clueless me

find me!

Believe it or not, I slept like a baby. Ha!

TheCuriousMe Castle

rise & shine!

Except for one instance when someone was running around dancing and singing at 3 a.m… I guess, I was not the only one who heard it because someone yelled “go to sleep”. 🙂   All I can say is, “Silent water runs wickedly deep”. :p

I’ll shut my gob and let you check out the “tent-tabulous” collapsible shelters in the group campsite as well as feel and enjoy the peaceful “scenery”:

most challenging tent

Aussie Enclave

Camping is a life changing experience indeed! Until next time!
P.S. Can I stay in a camper for a change, pretty please?  🙂


The July sunny weather prompted me to wear my “skort” (a.k.a. short pants inside a skirt) in going to the office. I consider it as one of my “prized” possession because I’ve had it for 13 years. It’s classic, chic and comfortable. A total gem eh?

skort – front

Anyway, I was so happy wearing it… until I felt that the zipper malfunctioned. Darn! For a split second, I was rattled and worried. Good thing I was inside the washroom when it happened, thus, I was able to come up with an unconventional solution. Whew!

skort – back

I switched the position of my “skort”, this time the zipper was placed in front. Then, I zipped my jacket and pulled it down to  temporarily keep my skort in place. I must have visited the washroom a number of times throughout the day to check the “condition” of my skort. My colleagues must have been wondering if I was suffering from stomach upset.

On the other hand, the strong summer breeze on my way home was a blessing in disguise. I would have looked like a fool wearing a thick jacket during a sunny day. Ha! Let there be wind!

A jacket surely comes handy in times of “crisis”.  Aja!