Rein was “strategically” bugging me to write an article about her when I suddenly remembered our “apartment days”.  We used to stay in a two-bedroom apartment together with Brendzkie, Rhog, DinDin, Jo, Mitch and Charvin.

For storytelling purposes, I’m going to call the two bedrooms as La Union and Ilocos. Rein, Brendzkie, Rhog, and I occupied the La Union room while DinDin, Jo, Mitch and Charvin stayed in the Ilocos room.

We had a fetish for street foods like isaw (grilled chicken intestine), adidas (grilled chicken feet), kwek kwek (quail egg boiled and deep fried), balot (hard boiled fertilized duck egg), fishballs, squidball and grilled corn. Darn! It tastes heavenly!


apartment magic sofa

Rein, Jo, Miriam, DinDin, Maven, Rhog, & Brendzkie

On the other hand, the two rich kids (Brendzkie and Rein) alternately treats us to a posh and divine steak meal whenever they feel like it. Perhaps they just want to neutralize our taste buds from eating the celestial street food.

We normally stay and “party” in the apartment most of the time. “Party” pertains to:

  • heart to heart talk while gulping a bottle of vodka and tequilla (occasionally)
  • tête-à-tête in our rooms, living room, dining table and laundry area coupled with guffaw and sobbing
  • dancing our favorite songs, Come On Over by Christina Aguillera  and Music by Madonna

Note: Rein used to dance from the second floor down to the first floor with her trademark “wiggle hips” step. Also, Brendzkie loved to dance on the sofa, on the bed, or on any platform with her favorite striptease moves. 🙂
Our preferred place for a spirited night out was High Altitude bar. And to sober up, we go to Pagoda for a breath of fresh air and take snapshots during wee hours. Ha!

Visitors frequent our renowned quarters and to name a few, they were Maven, Miriam, Edel, Allan, and Sean. For me, the one who left a far-fetched mark was Maven. She had affinity with my pillow. She loved to cuddle it and used it when she takes a nap in the La Union room.

The catch? It’s my “feet pillow”! I can’t help but to burst out in hearty laughter when Rein, Brendzkie, and Rhog informed me about Maven’s favorite cushion. It must be my feet’s aroma which was stuck to the pillow that got her spellbound. Ha!

Before I spill the beans about the ketchup and condiments adventure in Jollibee and Greenwhich… Zipping up my mouth now… err… should I say ending my article now… Whatever!

By the way, Rein, did Maven ever knew the secret of the “perfumed” pillow?  Just curious. 😀

Gotta snooze! Signing off for real… for now!
(Personal Note: Thank you Rein for taking time in digging and sending the photos! Merci Beaucoup!  )

“agapi mou”

(TheCuriousMe Note: I don’t post poems on my site but I will make an exception for Thodoris and Majesty… Read on… )

“This is an original composition of Thodoris Kouleris, which he wrote for me. Thank you so much for this poem. I love it and will treasure it forever. For me, it is the best poem ever written. Thank you so much, agapi mou… ” ~ Majesty

By Thodoris Kouleris

Heavenly Flower is your name,
Day and night with you is the same.
You are the light, you are the sun,
You are a child just having fun.
You are the star that points my way,
A beautiful sparkle that makes my day.
Gods I’m sure they don’t exist,
But seeing you can change my belief!

Heavenly flower is your name,
My life with you will never be the same.
I want to taste your beautiful lips.
I’m losing my mind, I’m losing my sleep.
You are the one that drives me to heaven,
You are the one i can love forever.
A queen, a goddess, and a star,
The summer, the spring, the Goddess of love..
Birds and the air are singing your name,
What a beautiful song, what a beautiful name!


I was seated not far from the two ladies who were chatting happily (one lady was holding a bouquet of flowers and a card). As usual, I had an invisible bulwark set up around me as I prepare myself to take a “travel nap”.  My barricade was shattered when the lady holding the card animatedly asked her friend about something.  It’s loud enough for all of the passengers inside the bus to hear.

“travel nap”

The conversation went this way:
Lady 1:  Do I look like 59?
(TheCuriousMe Note: Lady 1 was holding the bouquet of flowers while reading the card… It’s obviously her birthday.)

Lady 2:  No.
Lady 1:  Oh! Thank you!
(TheCuriousMe: She’s absolutely delighted with her friend’s answer because she flashed a bright smile! Oh boy! )

In my little corner, I nearly blurted out, “No, you look like you’re 70″. Good thing I controlled my mouth, I don’t want to burst her bubble. I don’t even know them. Bad me. :p Though my “travel nap” was boorishly  severed, I was still grinning mischievously. Darn! I must be going berserk. Am I making any sense?  This must be the effect of not having a restful sleep.

Until then! Mwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwa!

lola’s girl

My grandmother (a.k.a. Lola in Tagalog) has always been my companion most of the  time.  In fact, she has always been there for me the moment I came out from my mother’s womb. Yes! I’m a certified Lola’s girl. I fondly call my Lola, Nanang (Ilocano word which means mother). Growing up, I remember, she’d always sleep beside me at night to help me get a sound sleep and drive the “monsters” away.

I used to tag along wherever she went… whether attending a church service, visiting a relative or even going to the market. Attending the Holy Week commemoration at the church was one of the interesting things that we have done. The church was jampacked and I was sweating profusely and getting irritated. Nonetheless, Nanang’s soothing words made me behave. :p

After the service, she led me towards the statues and she prayed and wiped the figure with her handkerchief. As they say, “monkey see monkey do”, with my handkerchief, I also touched the feet of the “sleeping Jesus Christ” with an impish grin on my face.  That was priceless!

When my mother passed away when I was 13 years old, we were very apprehensive on how to inform Nanang… she did take it badly. Nanang went to stay with her other daughter after my mother was buried.

I thought all is well.

When I went there for a surprise visit, I cannot seem to take what I saw. Nanang was very weak and she was lying in a cramp area which looked like a storage room and she didn’t even have a comfortable bed. My heart seemed to explode at that time. I couldn’t stop crying when I was at Nanang’s “bedside”. I wanted to shout but restrained myself because I might utter words that can worsen and complicate the situation.

I was silent when I went home but I knew that my relatives felt that I was furious! >_< I was close with my Aunt when I was a kid but when I saw how she treated Nanang in her house, I felt numb and can’t seem to bring back that warm relationship that my Aunt and I used to have.

I’ve been harboring this feeling for more than 15 years now. I’m glad I’ve finally let it out. Nanang, thank you for taking care of me and treating me as your little Princess.    You will always be in my heart. I love you so much! :*  I’m sorry if was not that strong enough back then to protect you.

I know you are happy wherever you are now. I missed you Nanang. So long! :*