heart to heart

Songs are heartwarming.
Text is thought-provoking.
Tweet is refreshing.
Chat is exciting.
Emails are inspiring.
Being together in person is totally moving.

Happy Valentine’s Day! :p

songs & lyrics

I have this uncanny thing with titles and lyrics. It all gets mixed up in my head and the next thing you know, it becomes a “new” song. :p

Hence, requesting for a song is such an ordeal for me (or should I say to the DJ on board?).   Check out the crazy moments whenever I request a song via Wave radio with DJ Mitch on board:

radio booth: before show begins

TheCuriousMe: Please play “Burn”
DJ Mitch:            Ok.
(Then she plays “Burn” with the lyrics “I want you to burn, Burn for me baby..”)

TheCuriousMe:  No, that’s not right song.  The lyrics should have  “… watch me burn…”

(Note: I was referring to Rihanna/Eminem’s song, “Love the Way You Lie”)


TheCuriousMe:  I want to request a back to back song, Bad Romance and Rhumba.
DJ Mitch:               What do you mean Rhumba?
TheCuriousMe: The song with, “lalala rhumba, lalala rhumba”

Note: It turns out, the title is “I know you want me”. 
            At least I got the “Bad Romance” right. hahaha


TheCuriousMe:  Please play “Galileo”
DJ Mitch:                Galileo what???
TheCuriousMe:  I don’t really know the title but the lyrics has a Galileo in it.

(Note: The Galileo I was saying should be “Gotta let go” and the title of the song is Dynamite)


TheCuriousMe:  I want to request the song with “kiss” in the lyrics
DJ Mitch:                How the hell will I know that?
TheCuriousMe:  The song has humps and kiss. You know that song. It’s one of your favorites last year.

Note: That “humps & kiss” should be pumped up kicks. :p

There you have it! Now, who wants to challenge that creativity in jumbling up titles and lyrics? Are you up for it Justin M? 😉

P.S.  DJ Mitch, kindly play any Air Supply song. 😀

DJ Mitch: “tea?”

cool vs class

According to Robert E, cool guys are everywhere but class guys are endangered species. He further explained that cool guys are womanizers in general…while there are some that are not but most of them are.

Robert E also pointed out that class guys are not expected to be cool. Though they will try but it will not come naturally. Iit made me wonder, is cool guy synonymous to bad guy and the class guy refers to good guy? Ponder, ponder… Hmmm…

On the other hand, Mitch cited that a concrete example of cool and class guy are Yno (cool) and Alex (class). The heroine in this love triangle is Buffy. Buffy first “met” Alex and Yno came along unexpectedly. One thing to note is that Alex and Buffy were no longer an item when she “met” Yno.

At this point, it seems like Alex attempt to be reunited with Buffy is futile because Buffy and Yno have undeniably “something special” going on.

Here’s a scenario to think about:
Buffy can be herself with Yno. She can be sarcastic, grumpy, emotional, happy, childlike, etc. Surprisingly, Yno knows how to deal with it. And if Buffy is out of the line, Yno will tell her point-blank and vice versa.

With Alex, it seemed to be surreal where everything is revolving in a virtual world. Alex does not directly communicate with Buffy so the communication alone is absolutely unstable.

At any rate, whether class or cool it really doesn’t matter. In the end, what’s important the most is the guy who accepts Buffy’s imperfections and will move the earth just to be with her. And of course, the love should be mutually shared by both parties.

Agree or disagree? :p