the berry barn

My cousin’s family and I had a brunch in The Berry Barn yesterday.  It’s located in a “far-flung” place and it reminded me of some scenes from old movies. The place is absolutely serene place and it’s definitely a must for tourists to visit!

berry barn – front

It was a good experience for me because I usually eat bread or rice for breakfast. This time, I tried 1/2 waffle and red rose tea.  It’s “toppings and sauce all you can” breakfast… With the vast selection, it’s truly overwhelming!   

berry barn waffle

The berry waffle is indeed delectable and mouthwatering! The ambience of the place has calming effect as well as the feel of culture immersion.

berry barn – back

It’s funny because my friend, Fritchie, was asking me last week if I have already tasted the famous berry waffle in the Toon City. And I  gave her a big NO with a big question mark on my face. Nevertheless, when I’ve had The Berry Barn waffle, I immediately told Fritchie about it.

Like what I told Fritchie, the taste of the waffle won’t be the same if it’s not eaten in The Berry Barn.

berry barn -playground

See you in a bit! 😀

short term course

What a gruelling week…sigh…

I took a 10-session short term course (related to accounting) last July and the class was conducted every Monday and Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.. It was mentally and physically draining because I had to dash from my work place to the school after knocking off at 6p.m..

It’s 60-minute travel during rush hour, thus, the train was jampacked. I normally eat before going to class but travelling makes me hungry and as a result, I can’t focus well during the discussion. You can just imagine how in my eyes, the lecturer transforms into strawberry, fried chicken, and hamburger. Sometimes, he also looked like a chocolate bar and ice cream. -_-

The agonizing short term course ended last August and the exam was scheduled during the last week of September. I took a breather for a few days and I had the opportunity to review for a week from 4a.m. to 6:30a.m. daily  when my two direct boss went to Paris for a business trip.

I stopped when they returned from their trip because I was too exhausted from work and I couldn’t get up at 4a.m.. Therefore, I opted to review during the weekend. Nonetheless, the book and my course notes (hand outs and exercises) were so thick that I had a hard time squeezing it all in my study days. Thus, I took a 4-day leave to prepare for the examination plus 1-day leave for the examination proper. Plus another day to contemplate and rest.

During that review week, someone decided to provide a “lovely tune”  by drilling in the car park building next to our place from 9a.m. to 6 p.m. My head was about to burst whenever I hear the “sound of music”. I had to shift my study schedule to night time and sleep at day time. M&M, Cadbury, Ferrero Rocher, and Toblerone (only milk and dark chocolate) kept me company when I was burning the candle.

Anyway, I’ve discovered that my memory it is not as sharp as it used to be when I was younger… I know, it’s a sign of old age. So, I had to  put in “super duper extra mega over” effort in studying my notes and books. It’s indeed a “major major” review. Ha! :p

Endless drilling noise at day time + sleepless nights + exam preparation = BURNT OUT

After the exam, I felt so weak and sleepy. I was ready to spend the whole afternoon sleeping then wake up late the next morning. However, I was asked to cancel my remaining 1-day leave and was requested to go back to work. Being a workaholic and a loyal employee, I abided. I don’t know how I managed to finish my tasks given the fact that I was still in limbo. Crazy!

The exam result will be out this month (October 2010). Hopefully, I passed. Cross your fingers for me.

(Note: Surprisingly, I passed the exam with flying colors. 😉 Sweet! )