“Temptation Island”

I was so bored the previous week and surprisingly, my interest with Korean TV series waned. Thus, I surfed the Internet and I stumbled upon the much talk about Filipino movie, Temptation Island.

I was expecting that it would be a high-quality film, however, I was extremely disappointed. I’ve wasted two hours of my life watching a totally sub-par movie. Maybe, I’ve gotten used to Korean plots wherein, it’s simple and realistic?

Anyway,  Marian Rivera screamed a lot! Solenn Heusaff made a great improvement from her Captain Barbel “robotic acting” days. Lovi Poe was both sassy and classy. She totally nailed her role! I’m beginning to like her.

On the other hand, Heart Evangelista’s acting absolutely sucks!  It’s really a pain watching her.  It should have been more interesting if they have given the role to Katrina Halili or Angelica Panganiban. Just sayin!

Katrina Halili

Angelica Panganiban

Good thing, John Lapus and Rufa Mae Quinto were there to spice up the film and serve as comic relief from the stressful acting of the other characters. Come to think of it, what if the main characters were portrayed by John Lapus (Marian Rivera’s role), Vice Ganda (Solenn Heusaff’s role),  Rustom Padilla (Lovi Poe’s role), and Piolo Pascual (Heart Evangelista’s role).  Darn! That will surely break the box office record of all time! 😀

John Lapus

Vice Ganda

Rustom Padilla

Piolo Pascual

No pun intended for Filipino movies. There are a lot of high-quality films that deserve high regard like Himala, Madrasta, Ang Babae sa Septic Tank and Kinatay. It looks like Indie films are now catching up when it comes to producing quality films. I hope the mainstream movies (whatever they call it!  ) should get their act together and make more world class (“high quality”) films. Filipinos are very artistic and overflowing with talent…. Hopefully, those talent will be put into good use.



Ang Babae sa Septic Tank


Done. I’ve said my piece. Ha! Any suggestions for a feel good English and Filipino movie?  😀