“agapi mou”

(TheCuriousMe Note: I don’t post poems on my site but I will make an exception for Thodoris and Majesty… Read on… )

“This is an original composition of Thodoris Kouleris, which he wrote for me. Thank you so much for this poem. I love it and will treasure it forever. For me, it is the best poem ever written. Thank you so much, agapi mou… ” ~ Majesty

By Thodoris Kouleris

Heavenly Flower is your name,
Day and night with you is the same.
You are the light, you are the sun,
You are a child just having fun.
You are the star that points my way,
A beautiful sparkle that makes my day.
Gods I’m sure they don’t exist,
But seeing you can change my belief!

Heavenly flower is your name,
My life with you will never be the same.
I want to taste your beautiful lips.
I’m losing my mind, I’m losing my sleep.
You are the one that drives me to heaven,
You are the one i can love forever.
A queen, a goddess, and a star,
The summer, the spring, the Goddess of love..
Birds and the air are singing your name,
What a beautiful song, what a beautiful name!

i’m back!

Halu peeps! I’m back! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

I missed you all… I’m extremely happy because even if I haven’t posted new articles for quite sometime, you still visited www.thecuriousme.com  … from the bottom of my heart, merci! xie xie! bedankt! thank you! salamat! agyamanak!

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