Korean Aficionado

First things first.
I’m not a Korean.

I’m a true blooded Filipino who was born and raised in the Philippines. I stayed momentarily in Europe and Singapore then eventually migrated somewhere in North America. Moreover, I’ve never been to Korea… and nobody paid me to write this. :p  However, if Koreans would like to treat me with an all expense paid trip to Korea… that would be awesome!  If given the chance, I want to see the Jeju Island, Seoul and the Namsan Tower.

Korean Hanbok

I can’t really understand why am I so hooked with Korean TV Series.. maybe because it’s an excellent stress reliever? Koreans make simple stories into a great feel good and charming series. I’ve finished watching five (5) series plus one (1) in progress. Every episode lasts for an hour and the usual series have 17 to 25 episodes.

Only Hearts of 19 has 160+ episodes. I’m now in the 95th episode but currently I stopped watching so that I can focus in writing entries for my blog site and at the same time, live my life like normal human being should do. :p

Until next time!  Aja!


The work visit in Nutsbedrijven Maastricht (The Netherlands) opened my eyes and mind to a lot of things. The following are the things that caught my attention:

(a) Grid distribution for utility and other services can be rolled into one exceptional business;

(b) Nature can be an excellent source of electricity like the sun and the wind;

(c) Although merging a big and small organization is a good step for expansion, changing the organizational set up is a one tough job even if it’s done slowly;

(d) Customer intimacy is one great factor for successful business operation.
The customer satisfaction programs of the company are coupled with social responsibility. Thus, the value added services they offer not only benefits the customers themselves but also the entire community;

(e) Methodical way of doing things through multi channel strategy makes business more competitive; and

(f) Being successful in a business can go hand in hand with protecting the environment.

The work visit offered new ideas which had considerably improved my perception on treating clients, subordinates and colleagues. The work relationship, work styles, work techniques, organizational climate and innovations portrayed at the visit is definitely worthy of emulation.