I first met Charles five years ago when he was almost two years old. He’s such an adorable kid...  and I so so so love him dearly! 😀 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click the links below to read the related posts: Mr. Anderson                                Where’s... Continue Reading →


Shara, Juvy, Fritchie and I have talked about travelling together so many times but it has never materialized. One lazy weekend... we were chatting about needing a short break to recharge and before you know it we agreed to meet up in Boston in two weeks time! Woot! It happened so fast that we were... Continue Reading →

British Columbia

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click below to read related articles: Ontario apple picking Ontario Toronto Where's Charles Niagara Falls Alberta Banff & LakeLouise Calgary Zoo Pacific Place Crosslink road trip finale Saskatchewan snow summer party winter party "warm" weather the berry barn airshow 2011 folkfest single ladies mineral spa danceland flea market big fat ass luau? beach(?) tent camping... Continue Reading →


Alright... I confess... I have this thing for towers and other skyscrapers (in which I still prefer to call as tower... :p).  Being drawn to towers is one way (I think) of conquering my fear of heights.  Is it psychological? Towers do make me feel tall (since I’m extremely petite :p ) and powerful!  From... Continue Reading →

Where’s Charles?

... and automatically, Charles will say “right here!”...  😀 (with one hand pointing at himself and the other hand waving excitedly) Charles, the little prince, is Bob and Fritchie’s 2 ½ year old son (see related article -> Ontario). He’s completely adorable and a leader in the making! How?  Well, he always made sure that... Continue Reading →


Toronto is an improved version of Metro Manila (Philippines) and somewhat a bigger Singapore. The malls remind me of Megamall in the Philippines and Ion (and the mall near Somerset -forgot the name- is it 316?)  in Singapore. Toronto  is an ideal place to do some “tourist-ty” things (check out the Ontario article for more... Continue Reading →

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