the berry barn

My cousin’s family and I had a brunch in The Berry Barn yesterday.  It’s located in a “far-flung” place and it reminded me of some scenes from old movies. The place is absolutely serene place and it’s definitely a must for tourists to visit!

berry barn – front

It was a good experience for me because I usually eat bread or rice for breakfast. This time, I tried 1/2 waffle and red rose tea.  It’s “toppings and sauce all you can” breakfast… With the vast selection, it’s truly overwhelming!   

berry barn waffle

The berry waffle is indeed delectable and mouthwatering! The ambience of the place has calming effect as well as the feel of culture immersion.

berry barn – back

It’s funny because my friend, Fritchie, was asking me last week if I have already tasted the famous berry waffle in the Toon City. And I  gave her a big NO with a big question mark on my face. Nevertheless, when I’ve had The Berry Barn waffle, I immediately told Fritchie about it.

Like what I told Fritchie, the taste of the waffle won’t be the same if it’s not eaten in The Berry Barn.

berry barn -playground

See you in a bit! 😀


Normally, we go to Aachen(Germany) and Liege (Belgium) to roam around, shop, and feel the cool breeze.  (See related article ->   Belgium  ) After which, we travel via train and opted to go back to Hotel Randwyck in Netherlands at the end of the day.

One weekend, the group decided to go to Brussels (Belgium) for a change. Once the group reached Brussels, we all took the hop in hop off tourist bus so that we can check out places as much as we can within the day.

We were getting hungry after our first two stops so we grabbed a bite before carrying on. There were five of us in the group (four ladies and one guy). While eating, two of our friends (lady and guy) mysteriously disappeared. The “exciting” part was, they were holding our tour bus tickets! We were very upset and frantically looked for them. We have our hand phones but we don’t know their contact numbers. -_-

It was around 6p.m. when we gave up the search and went ahead to the train station. To our surprise, our two missing friends were at the train ticketing area. We did not utter a word. We just looked at the them and our eyes said it all. :p

The next morning, they explained what happened and  our guess was right. Apparently, they went somewhere to clear up a misunderstanding (which happens frequently).

Scenario: The guy was engaged to be married in his home country and still flirting with our friend.

Ultimately, the guy broke up the engagement and ended up marrying our friend after going through the so called hiccups of a relationship .  True love does exist! Ha!

Hmmm…. Maybe it can be tag as a relationship developed in Europe… and leveled up in Brussels, Belgium…. 😉