You’re not lost. Don’t worry, you’re still in thecuriousme site. I know it looks groovy! Thanks to my little sister, @TheSoulfulVixen, for creating the new classy logo and header. Yipey!


Right, thecuriousme is now evolving from a cute & naughty little fairy to a funky & sassy nerd. 😀  It’s some sort of transformation from “fairytale” to reality. 😀 I bet you’re getting pumped because you’ve just witnessed the first phase of thecuriousme “renovation”. 😉

naughty little fairy

funky&sassy nerd

No, the change is not a sudden decision. It has been in my to-do list for the last year to have a complete revamp of the site including the change of name. However, after contemplating for a few months, I have decided to stick with thecuriousme since it has already become my trademark.

More “interior” changes will happen soon whether you like it or like it. Ha!


It all started with a book review …

Mrs. C. Ines required us to do a book report every week (or twice a month?) when I was in second year high school (Click here to read High School related article). We were given the reign to select our preferred books.

Hence, I chose Nancy Drew series, Sweet Dreams, and a bit of Hardy Boys.  And then I levelled up to Harlequin, Mills & Boon, Barbara Walters, Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steele and whatever that caught my eye.

At first it was a drag reading the book, writing a summary and giving out comments. Nonetheless, I must say that the “bookworm” in me was unleashed. Without realizing it, I was doing more than what was required and filled out my book review notebook in no time at all.

Later on, I became fascinated with Tagalog pocketbooks. I particularly like the novels of Martha Cecilia, Helen Meriz and most especially Rose Tan. Ha!  Rose Tan is a darling! Her quirky characters made her novels unique and absolutely entertaining!

Enter Wattpad…

I started reading in Wattpad because of the following AshRald fan fictions.
Note: Click the links below to read the AshRald related articles)
birth                   Sasa & Gege                               AshRald Connection
Slowly But Surely by borntoshare
Never Gonna Let You Go by KateJoaquin
What Love Is by JecaMarieGeli
Coffee Shop (completed) by sarahgestrada17

My One & Only

The British flavor of this AshRald fan fiction gives a regal feel of the story. At first, I was confused with the British-English terms, but I’m getting the hang of it now. In any case, I’m learning a lot and I’m loving it!

I particularly admire the writer’s passion to improve his craft by taking into consideration the suggestions given to him. There’s absolutely a big leap of improvement from the first chapter to the succeeding chapters.

Keep it up Moo (@kalabaw_moo)! And thanks for dedicating the chapter 7 to me. I appreciate it.

Sa Papel Lang

Kate (@immissshockends) usually posts some mind boggling statements on twitter about this novel. Being “thecuriousme”, I started reading it. I was surprised because the writer sounded like “little” Rose Tan in the making.

The story has come to an end. It was short but sweet. I hope there’s a book two though.   Keep the books flowing @iluvsgga ! You’ll go a long way!
(Note: I’m extra proud for @kalabaw_moo and @iluvsgga because they are both Ilocanos like me. Amazing! :D)

From AshRald Fan Fiction, I branched out to the humour category in Wattpad. Below are the other stories that I recommend for a good read (and a great stress reliever to boot!). 😀
Diary ng Panget – Diary ni Eya (Season 1 & 2) – by HaveYouSeenThisGirl
Living Under The Same Roof (Book 1 & 2) – by i_love_kyle
Secretly Married by forgottenglimmer
Your Place or Mine? by turning_japanese
Reyna ng Kamalasan by forgottenglimmer
Sweet Scandal by XiiMakulet
Mr. Cold (the heartbreaker) by jammpots
Bridal Shower by mercy_jhigz
To Love You More by Bjloves
The Paid Girl by ella_enchanted
A + D by fallenbabybubu

I know it’s written for youngsters but who cares. I truly believe that we are all young at heart. Have fun reading!!! 🙂

AshRald Connection

See Related AshRald articles:
Sasa & Gege
I just want to let the whole world to know that I’m now an official AshRald member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m on number 585.
(Note: I understand I’ve been a member for more than a month now. No, this is not a delayed reaction… it’s a delayed upload! Arghhh!!!! My apologies my beloved AshRalds, it’s been really crazy for the past few weeks. )

My social media identity:
Twitter Handle: krungkrung4u
PEX Account:     krungkrung4u
*** Note: It’s my first time to be in a forum and I’m still working my way in the PinoyExchange (PEX) portal. Please bear with me. I’ll do my best to be active the soonest. 🙂

Alternate Email: info.thecuriousme@gmail.com
Facebook: email me if you want me to add you on my FaceBook. 🙂

It’s absolutely insane because I’m too old for this and I’m not really into this kind of things. I do read celebrity articles but I’m not an avid fan of anyone until Sasa and Gege (a.k.a. AshRald) became one and even sang “Back at One”. Ha! That sounded like a poem.

Sasa & Gege

Allow me to get this off my chest:
I so love Sasa and Gege and the whole AshRald group!!!

Whoa! The extremely powerful energetic waves that are transmitted is so contagious even if we are all thousand miles apart. Let’s live up to the AshRald name! Be classy, chic, and open-minded. We all know that bashing is for barbarians, right?  Let’s continue to spread love and “ultramagnetic AshRald” super duper mega over positive vibes.

AshRald “family”

Below are the AshRald WattPad stories that I religiously follow:
Slowly But Surely by borntoshare (Wendelyn Dianne)

*** That creative mind of yours is really amazing! Keep the stories going! 🙂
*** Thank you for being one of my twitter friends now. 😀

Never Gonna Let You Go by Kate Joaquin

*** You’re an excellent writer. I understand sometimes it’s difficult to do self motivation. I also get lazy in updating my blog. LOL One thing that keeps me going are the readers. 🙂
*** I hope we can also be friends on twitter. 🙂

What Love Is by JecaMarieGeli

*** Did you know that I’m not fond of Enchong Dee but because of your story, I’m beginning to like him. Ha! You are indeed a powerful and “moving” writer.
*** I hope we can also be friends on twitter. 🙂

AshRald Fan Fiction by MakaAshRaldAko
*** waiting for update 🙂

AshRald FanFic: My Ideal Man by TheSuperBatgirl
*** waiting for update 🙂

Fallin’ (Short Story) AshRald Productions by KateJoaquin
*** I hope it becomes a “long” story. 🙂
I haven’t read the English stories… for some reason, I prefer reading the AshRald Tagalog WattPad stories. What’s wrong with me? Maybe the twitterpated (“kilig”) factor is more intense if it’s in Tagalog?  Not to worry, when I get the hang of it, I’ll start reading the AshRald English WattPad stories.
Just thinking out loud… maybe we can set a schedule and have a worldwide AshRald Connection day eh?
I prefer to call it AshRald Connection because in my point of view, we are not just supporters, we are family… connected because of AshRald. Does it make sense? 😉

1. Set a time and day (in which both Sasa and Gege are free)
*** We may be on different time zones but we need to consider their busy schedule 😉

2. Lay out a program / games / Q&A wherein AshRald and AshRaldTOS can participate (which also includes the Popstar Power Couple)

3. Send an email blast to all AshRald and AshRaldTOS members regarding this momentous event and consolidate who can make it and those who can’t.

4. AshRald Philippines will gather in one place together with Sasa and Gege
AshRaldTOS will figure out how to meet up in one location per country. If it’s not possible we have to content ourselves in the comfort of our homes and make full use of the power of technology. 😀

5. AshRald Philippines and AshRald TOS will all gather via Skype or FaceTime whichever is more appropriate.

It would be great if a committee will be formed to organize this event. I know it’s a crazy idea but we’ll never know. Miracles do happen. 😀

Thoughts anyone? 🙂

My heartfelt thanks to the following:
Nicole (@gabriella0225) – for helping me out in the AshRald application

Wendy (@wendelyndianne) – for mentioning my blogsite on twitter and most of all for continuously writing the ever inspiring “Slowly But Surely” fan fiction. You rock! 😉

AshRald President Ro (@RoroRoar22) – for starting up the AshRald community and for being so accommodating with newbies like me.

Kate (@imissshockends) – for being so kind enough and incredibly patient in answering my silly questions.

kalabaw moo (@kalabaw_moo) – for being so bubbly and friendly.

Abby(@AbbyDenniel) – for being my new twitter friend.

@AshRald and @AshRaldTOS for the warm welcome.

And to all AshRalds who followed me on twitter even if I hibernated for quite sometime… I will make sure that I follow you back. Let me know if I’ve unintentionally missed anyone. 😀

Sasa & Gege

In as much as I would like to be a silent follower of Sasa (Sarah Geronimo) & Gege (Gerald Anderson)… I must say, I could no longer contain it!  I’m now a super fan! My little sisters, Fritchie Anderson and DJ Mitch, are now getting infected with my “contagious” admiration for Sasa & Gege! Ha! (Click here to read related article about Sasa & Gege- “birth”)

Sasa & Gege

I’m really going bonkers! Out of the blue (whether I’m on the street walking or in the work place or wherever), I would “belt out” the theme songs of their two (2) movie-team up, I won’t last a day without you and Fallin’. And of course, its out of tune! :p

Catch Me I’m In Love (“Fallin'”)

Won’t Last a Day Without You

Their love team & courtship stage is sending followers all over the world in frenzy! An “old” lady like me can even feel a shiver down my spine just by watching them (even if they are just looking at each other!). Their love story is absolutely an epic!

click image to view the video

click image to view the video

***Note: If you can’t understand Tagalog, just watch their actions. 😀

Sarah, being a true blue Filipina (in all ways), is definitely a rare gem! Her preference for her suitors to woo her parents first makes her a  total knock out!  Considering that Gege (a Filipino – American) grew up in the U.S.A., it’s fascinating to see how he abides to Sarah’s wish and follow the Filipino old-fashioned way of courtship. Also, he’s all out in shouting to the world how much he cares for Sasa, protecting her and makes time to be with her even if his schedule is so hectic! Whew! Weaklings can’t do that right M.A. and T.W.? :p

click image to view the video

*** Note: If you can’t understand Tagalog, just watch their actions. 😀

Whether we admit it or not, we all dream of this kind of courtship and relationship. By watching Sasa and Gege’s friendship transform into something special makes us realize that dreams do come true. I guess, that’s the reason why a lot of people (young and old) are drawn to their blossoming relationship and magical moments. Aside from giving an automatic smile on our face, it certainly gives hope and inspiration to all of us.   Agree?

Gege visiting Sasa in her TV Commercial shoot

By respecting their privacy to date freely will definitely ease up the pressure that they are receiving right now. Like what the Popsters, Ashralds, and other Sasa & Gege’s supporters always say, the best way to help them is to work hand in hand in praying for their relationship to last a lifetime. They deserve it! Let’s unite in spreading positive vibes!

Now, while patiently waiting for the next chapter of their love story… I’ll continue reading Kate Joaquin’s “Never Gonna Let You Go – AshRald Fan Fiction” and BornToShare’s (Does anyone know BornToShare’s real name?) “Slowly But Surely – AshRald Fan Fiction”. “AshRald Fan Fictions” are  an ongoing imaginary tale about Sasa & Gege.

Click the image to read the Never Gonna Let You Go – AshRald Fan Fiction

*** Note: I haven’t met Kate yet but I saw her “script” via Facebook. She’s a 17-year old fan of Sasa & Gege. And she has the making of an excellent writer! Whoa! I suggest you check it out. Keep it up Kate! 😀  

Click the image to read the “Slowly But Surely – AshRald Fan Fiction”

*** Note:I just discovered the Slowly But Surely – AshRald Fan Fiction!  Please give me a buzz if you know the writer’s name so that I can post it on my blog. 🙂 I’m so excited to start reading it. I’m sure it’s as awesome as Never Gonna Let You Go. Wheeey!  Way to go BornToShare! 😉

***Update: I’ve read Slowly But Surely and I admit… I cried!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Wendelyn Dianne (@wendelyndianne)  is such a passionate writer! You betcha! Finally, after researching her name for ages, I found it! Thanks to Kate (@imisshockends) for ending my “agony”. 😀 I’m just so happy because they are also now my twitter friends. I love AshRald and AshRaldTOS! 🙂 

P.S. OMG, did I just sound like a PR Manager for Sasa & Gege?

More Sasa & Gege videos:

tequilla +

So… Am I a drunkard now? Nah… Just wanting to spice up my life. Ha! :p

“the oldies”

“the kiddies”

The 7th birthday party of Zane Matthew (A’s son) turned into “oldies” soiree! As usual, I was oblivious about the details of the affair. Shhhhh… my attire was kinda out of place. Anyhow, I did manage to pull it off. Thanks to the Lia Sophia bling-bling. I must admit, it did give a “classy” impact on my chic rocker (a.k.a. rakista) babe look.    Come on Chris W., I know you agree. 😉


cutee 🙂

The after party left a feeling of deja vu! (click here to read related article -> “paralyzer”). I think, I should change my name from “the curious me” to “the clueless me”? The after party was held in A’s residence. It was lightened up by her gorgeous “Pakistani” daughter, S. Whoa! S is so fond of Pakistan and sure has a talent in mimicking the Pakistani accent (no pun intended). She’s totally amazing!

In no time, the tequilla (+ bacardi) session started rolling! And what do you know, the topic was directed to my single status!  It can’t be helped… they all have partners and I was the “lonesome” spinster in the group. Ha! All I can say is, most of the time, it pays to enjoy “singleblessedness” before converting to “couple trouble” status.   (click here to read related article -> wedding)

Thank goodness! The hoopla about my single status got diverted when they all started doing the videoke. Filipinos love to sing and can definitely carry a tune more than anyone else in the whole Universe (Ignore me. It’s innate for me to be patriotic!  ). And Ellen DeGeneres surely  agreed! :p

However, there’s always an exemption. I’m one of them.  I can do some “jiggy moves” but I can’t really sing (click here to read related article -> “singing”). It drives me nuts! Arghhhh! :p

Tequilla + Videoke + Light Bantering + Excellent Company = Super Duper Mega Over Stress Free Night!!!

Love it!!!!!!!!

P.S. I love tequilla! Promise!



I know this is an awfully late post but…  it’s better to be late than later!  I  want to commemorate the day when I tweeted like crazy and “freeze” the divine moment when I’ve mingled with such exceptional and groovy geeks!

It’s definitely a learning experience for me… It is quite similar to the Youth I.T. Congress in the Philippines but the barcamp is more intimate due to the limited number of participants. Thus, there’s a greater interaction between the participants and the speakers. And most of all, the registration was free  as well as the food and drinks plus a souvenir shirt! Love it!:D

briefing with Ginger


The topic that caught my attention the most was Chris Morix and Ryan Smith’s, How to Create an Award Winning Blog in 6-months. Yeah, I’m a blog fanatic.  Moreover, Chris and Ryan were really hilarious speakers and their chemistry was absolutely terrific!

award winning blog presentation

Ryan & Chrix

Anyhow, my twitter handle is @krungkrung4u (it means crazy for you).
If you are bold enough, follow me. Ha!

This was my most precious tweet:
@krungkrung4u I can’t believe it! This is the first time i’ve tweeted so much in my whole twitterlife! LOL I can’t stop blabbering about #barcampyxe @VendAsta.

And more snapshots:

with Phoenix & Mariatta

Andreas, Guy & Nathan R


with Jeff R

with Nathan R

with Nathan P

with Andreas

with Blair

topic board

I can’t wait for the next Barcamp! Woot!

make it real!

Please allow me to share with you several heartfelt quotations from the twitter account @notebookoflove.

“It’s not about how much you SAY you care, it’s how much you SHOW that you care.”

“LADIES: the proof of passion is in the pursuit. If a man really wants to be with you, he will find a way.”

“Love doesn’t need a reason, it speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart.”

“iloveyou is better without spaces; no room for lies.”

“Every relationship is a mirror, what do you see?”

“Mean what you say and say what you mean.”

This is for you and you.
(you know who you are)

Ponder ponder! :p

Alec Baldwin

While we have something to be happy for comes the end of Thursday, The Soulful Vixen has some other reasons: aside from the fact that Friday is the start of the weekend, she just happened to get a tweet from one of the most versatile actors of all-time, Mr. Alec Baldwin, who recently joined Twitter few weeks ago.

I know the whole story because I am following @TheSoulfulVixen.

So, it started with just a simple tweet about The Rolling Stones songs. Mr. Baldwin tweeted several of his picks. The Soulful Vixen in return mentioned ever liking “Time Is On My Side”. Charmed! And just like that, Mr. Baldwin didn’t hesitate to tweet more of his picks to The Soulful Vixen which are pretty much blues and in line with “Time Is On My Side”. And that makes The Soulful Vixen one helluva lucky girl!

So what’s the big deal? IT IS A BIG DEAL to get a tweet from the one and only Alec Baldwin. After all, he’s not just an actor you see on TV. He appears on film, stage, and television. After all, he IS Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock on NBC.

After all, he starred in movies like Beetlejuice, Great Balls of Fire, Miami Blues, Alice, Prelude to a Kiss, Malice, The Getaway, The Shadow, The Juror, Notting Hill, State and Main, The Acting Class, Mercury Rising, Cats & Dog, Pearl Harbor, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, It’s Complicated, and a LOT MORE. Which earned him two Emmy Awards, three Gold Globe Awards and six Screen Actor Guild Awards.

IT IS A BIG DEAL because out of thousands of followers he has, and millions of twitter followers that are probably tweeting him, he happened to tweet to The Soulful Vixen.

IT IS A BIG DEAL because The Soulful Vixen got in to the first 100 tweets from Mr. Baldwin.

IT IS A BIG DEAL because I betcha, she’s the first and only Filipino to be tweeted by a Mr. Alec Baldwin.

And why not? If you want to find out, you gotta follow @TheSoulfulVixen.

Pictured below is a screenshot of Mr. Baldwin’s tweet, telling it all in caps as to put emphasis on the songs he liked from The Rolling Stones.

Alec Baldwin’s tweet to TheSoulfulVixen