the one

Have you found “the one”? Or has “the one” got “stuck in traffic”? Whatever  stage  you are at, worrying and rushing won’t really help. Things will fall into place at the right time, just keep the faith… 😉 Valentine’s day is fast approaching so I thought this story might inspire some people. I’ve been asked... Continue Reading →

Mr. Anderson

Fritchie (Charles Anderson’s Mom) and I were chatting about the good old days when she related some adorable episodes with Charles. Read on! (Lost? Click here to read related article, “Where’s Charles?”) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- surprise Charles: Mommy!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Mommy: (pretending to be surprised) Happy Valentine’s Day Charles! I love you. Charles: I love... Continue Reading →


February 14, Valentine’s day… If you want to know the history, search it from the Internet or watch from the TV shows… which is incidentally the “in” topic this month… I find it weird why people are making such a big fuss with this so called “V Day”. I wonder if this is the only... Continue Reading →

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