the one

Have you found “the one”? Or has “the one” got “stuck in traffic”? Whatever  stage  you are at, worrying and rushing won’t really help. Things will fall into place at the right time, just keep the faith… 😉

Valentine’s day is fast approaching so I thought this story might inspire some people.

I’ve been asked a number of times on how I met my husband  and how I knew that he’s the one.

My husband and I used to work in the same company together but we were in different departments and hardly spoke with one another. Come to think of it, I mostly mingle with the people I dealt with regularly.

Here’s how our first meeting went:
I was wandering around the office holding a large envelope when he approached me and asked “Are you looking for me?”.  (Apparently, he saw his name written on the envelope.)

With a blank stare, I replied with a frosty “No” and walked away.  

After several months, we ended up chatting and learned that we both like to watch anime at some point in our lives. We started talking about Ranma ½, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Naruto, Slam Dunk, etc.. Exchanging emails, chatting and going out for a hot beverage every now and then led to a good friendship.

At that stage of my life, I was no longer interested in entering a relationship and was planning to be single for life. I was already in my 30s and was  seriously considering “the back up plan” (similar to the movie “The Back Up Plan”… check it out if you haven’t seen it yet).

Although he had been single for almost four years, he was a bit apprehensive to start dating again after getting out of a draining 5-year relationship.

Cupid probably worked overtime to get us together because it took awhile before the friendship blossomed into a relationship.

Did it go smoothly?

The first three months was a roller coaster ride.

On top of all the typical challenges that a relationship has, we also needed to work out our cultural differences and language barrier. Suffice to say, we had some hurdles to overcome; I prayed daily that the relationship end sooner than later if he wasn’t “the one”.

As they say, if it’s meant to be… it will be.

The key to overcoming our differences was communication, compromise, and saying sorry when you’re at fault.

The rest is history.

After two years of dating, we had our wedding 1.0 followed by wedding 2.0. Why two weddings?

Hmmm…. until next post… 🙂

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Mr. Anderson

Fritchie (Charles Anderson’s Mom) and I were chatting about the good old days when she related some adorable episodes with Charles.

Mr. Anderson 🙂

Read on! (Lost? Click here to read related article, “Where’s Charles?”)


Charles: Mommy!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!
Mommy: (pretending to be surprised) Happy Valentine’s Day Charles! I love you.
Charles: I love you too Mommy! Mommy, Daddy got a surprise for you in the kitchen and it’s a flower! Don’t go to the kitchen ok? It’s a surprise!

Mommy: Oh really Charles? I want to see it!
(Note: Mommy already saw the dozen of red roses the night before Valentine’s Day when she came home late from work.)

Charles: No Mommy. It’s a surprise from Daddy. We made it last night
(Charles meant they put it in a vase).

Mommy: But I wanna see it. And since it’s for Mommy…

Charles then agreed and he accompanied his Mom to the kitchen.

Charles: See Mommy? Surprise!!!
Then he opened the card and spelled the words, “I love you Mommy”
(Note: Charles knows his alphabets and numbers now. He can’t read yet but he can spell. He will be 3 years old next month!)

Mommy: Oh! I love you Charles!
Charles:No. I love you more Mommy!

Fritchie & Charles

Awwwww! Such a charming little prince! Right on Charles! Make your Mommy proud! 😀

fire truck

Fritchie and her friend Edna (a.k.a. Ninang) were talking on the phone when Charles butt in.

Charles: Ninang, I wanna go there.
Ninang: Your Daddy borrowed your Mommy’s car. So, she can’t drop you off because she doesn’t have a car right now.
Charles: But Mommy can drive my fire truck Ninang.
(Note: Charles was referring to his toy)

Ha! He sure has a unique method of providing solutions. Way to go Charles!

Thanks Fritchie Anderson for sharing! 😀


February 14, Valentine’s day…

If you want to know the history, search it from the Internet or watch from the TV shows… which is incidentally the “in” topic this month…

I find it weird why people are making such a big fuss with this so called “V Day”. I wonder if this is the only day wherein couples give each other a special surprise? Just saying! Don’t get me wrong,  I don’t want to sound like a bitter and pathetic old maid.  Although, I’m old but I’m not bitter and pathetic.  😉

As of this moment, my most memorable V Day so far happened few years ago… That’s when I received a bouquet of roses, a ring, and a note. And the catch? I did not give him anything at all.  :p  In a way, I considered what he gave me during V Day as a bonus because V Day for me is whenever I received tiny notes from him every now and then.

However, that’s all in the past.

Up until now, I still prefer handwritten letter or a short note rather than a text message, chat or email. Maybe I’m abnormal but I find the traditional method more appealing and romantic. :p  And to answer that lingering question at the back of your mind, yes, I’m single but my heart is taken. :p   

Anyway, I will spend the V Day with my friends this year. It’s another impromptu outing that often end up wherever our feet will lead us. Ha!

As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them! Let’s all feel the breeze… the love in the air… and the romantic atmosphere…

Happy Heart’s Day everyone!
Enjoy and careful, careful!
Love, love, love!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cheers!