My father enjoys planting and takes pride on his crops. You bet, our family house in the Philippines is like a forest full of ordinary and peculiar plants. I don’t know how he does it, but whatever he plants, it grows in tip top shape without fail. I’m really amazed! Ha!

In as much as I would love to emulate him, I seem to not cut for planting activities.  Believe it or not, I’ve exerted great effort and every possible ways in planting this and that, still,  it did not work for me.

Sigh… It took awhile before I realized and accepted that I’m not a green thumb like him. When my cactus plant began to die, that’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. However, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up! Like what Justin Bieber said, never say never! :p

My interest in gardening resurrected when I saw my cousin started doing up her front and backyard during Spring time. I can definitely feel her passion while planting the flowers and vegetables. Hence, I grabbed the shovel and started to “mess around” with her plantation.:D I helped her till the soil then plant carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, and other strange vegetables in the backyard.


littlecorner & “flowerbeds”

While in the front yard, I artistically grow flowers in my designated little corner and “sprinkled” some “vitamins” for them to be healthy and blossom happily.  So far, the “babies” are growing fast! The flowers are so colorful and I can sense that they are kissing the sun rays with eagerness and joy. The veggies? We have eaten some of the green leafy vegetables, the rest are still growing.



It dawned on me that gardening relaxes the mind and relieves stress. I may not do this consistently during Spring and Summer time, but I will surely do it every now and then. Aja!


It dawned on me that when I stopped attending the church service, I felt His presence more (or is it just a figment of my imagination?), my faith became stronger, and I have come to terms to freely accept things that happened (and will happen).Whether these are good things or not so good things, it definitely works out for the best.

Some questions pop up once in awhile, my faith is more secure now than before. It’s funny because previously, I was always having this “what if” thing. Now, I always say, “God thy will be done”.

In my point of view, going to church is like taking vitamins everyday wherein eventually you get immune to it. Stopping for awhile removes the residue and later on when you decide to start taking again, your body is more receptive and the absorption is more effective. Although I did not plan it, when I stopped attending the church service, weeks later, I also stopped taking vitamins. Kinda weird huh?

Hmmmm… in the long run, I will get out from this hibernation stage and will attend the church service and take vitamins again. Once in a while, maybe, i will still hibernate to detoxify.

(Note: I’m not suggesting or encouraging you in anyway that you do the same thing. We are empowered to decide on our own accord.)

green tea… great for detoxification…