lemon & ginger

I’ve always hated long and winding road because it makes me feel terribly dizzy and it triggers the “anacondas’” in my stomach to do a somersault. Result? Vomitting.  I used to puke everytime we travel to Baguio City* when I was a kid. And I definitely detest the aftermath feeling. Darn! Just by writing this paragraph makes me sick. Arghhh!
(TheCuriousMe Note: Baguio City is the Summer Capital of the Philippines.)

Now, why am I yakking about this bus and vomit thingy? Well, it seems like they implemented a new bus timing in which I’m not aware of. As a result, I “accidentally” rode the bus that took the long route. That timeslot was suppose to be the for “short route” bus that I normally take. Serves me right for not checking. Grrrr! There were so many left and right turns that it felt like I was travelling in a zigzag road!

By the time I reached the office, I was “super duper mega over” dizzy and I already felt like puking. No, I did not go directly to the bathroom. Instead, I immediately went to the kitchen area to prepare hot ginger and lemon tea to drink.

I felt miraculously better after sipping the contents of the cup. It’s even better than sniffing white flower (a.k.a ammonia) or taking biogesic or panadol. Hmmm… They said this is good for the voice too. That’s the main reason why I bought it. I never thought it works for “dizzy” and “nearly puking” people as well.

I hope by the time I finish the 24 packs, I will be able to sing one song without a glitch. La la la la la!

“miraculously” tea


TheSoulfulVixen and I were talking a few days ago about one of her favorite television show called Outsourced. I gamely viewed the links she gave me thinking that it’s just a common comedy flick that we normally see on the tube… You know… the usual boring ones… :p Surprisingly, the show proved to be totally hilarious!

That brought me down towards the memory lane and made me remember two similar scenarios in my previous work.

Setting: I was seated next to Jay, one of my colleagues, when I heard him raise his voice while talking on the phone.

Below were the two scenarios that transpired:

Scenario 1:
Jay called the office in Hyderabad, India to discuss some business related issues.
He caught my attention when he slightly raised his voice and he suddenly used Indian accent while conversing with the Indian fellow on the other line. I was doing my best to suppress a loud laugh while staring at him. He did it in a very suave manner that he sounded like an Indian. Whoa! Jay’s absolutely amazing!

After the call, I asked what prompted him to do that and Jay said he was somewhat offended when the guy from India told him that he cannot understand him because his (Jay’s) accent was so thick. Thus, Jay mimicked him instead of getting mad at the Indian guy and certainly, the conversation went smoothly.

Smart move Jay!

Just a thought… if the Indian guy thinks that Jay’s accent was so thick, how does he describe his own accent then? Oppsie! No pun intended!  

Scenario 2:
Jay transferred a call to Hyderabad, India. Of course, whether in a personal or a business call, It’s the protocol to know the name of the person that you are speaking with.

The conversation went like this:

Pretty:  Thank you for calling, my name is Pretty. How may I help you today?
Jay:         Hi, I’m Jay from _______. Sorry, your name again?
Pretty:  Hi Jay, my name is Pretty.
Jay:         Sorry, can you spell it for me?
Pretty:  P for Panama
R for Rome
E for England
T for Thailand
T for Thailand
Y for Yuguslavia

Jay:        Oh! Are you Pretty?
Pretty:  Yes Jay, I’m Pretty.

hiding my laughter…:p

I was laughing so hard while listening to their conversation.
I still burst into soft giggle whenever I remember the above scenarios. Ha!

Way to go Jay! Aja!