it’s been a while…

I’m back! 🙂

Yup! I probably should change my name from the curious me to the submarine me. Ha!

So… why did I disappear after announcing that I was out of hibernation?  

*** The plan was to migrate my blog to another platform before posting a new article. I was looking into it… then life happened and it got placed on the back burner.

  • I ended up staying with WordPress.Com, changed the theme, and got a premium subscription for a better deal.
  • It still needs a lot of  improvement though and a new logo would be nice. 😀

*** I had to prioritize taking care of myself.

*** Recovering from a major surgery took longer than I expected.

Now that I’m feeling a lot better… I certainly would like to work on the pending blog posts.  For those who have been checking my blog site every now and then, thank you so much! It means a lot.  

Stay tuned! 😉



blog set up

Part 1
It’s already been more than a year (arghhhh!) since I’ve been planning to set up my not so ordinary blog site. It’s damn frustrating because its more complicated than what I’ve thought… sigh…

I wanted to set it up with my own domain name and create the blog site on my own without using the “ready made” sites for blogging. Now, I’m contemplating if I would just do it using those sites…think… think… think…

Part 2
… Guess what? I ended up using the ready made sites. :p  I signed up for wordpress for the blog site as well as for the domain name and hosting/mapping whatnot.

WordPress made it easy breezy for the lay out, design, hosting, etc. but there are still technical stuff that I need to get used to in order to maximize its features.

Below are my two major goals in putting up the site:

  1. Publish personal experiences, views and opinions that could help inspire other creatures and inject a little sunshine in their world.
  2. Publish unedited (RAW and REAL! :D) photos.

 Yabadabadoo! I’ve finally started setting up my site with my own domain name.  It absolutely feels good! Keeping the momentum up and generating traffic is definitely a huge challenge but I’m apt for it. Aja!

(Note: Aja is my favorite Korean word which means fighting or fight!)